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A fan artist appears


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On January 18, Ninjapacman started it by saying:


I like the fubukis. And Kenobi seems popular. I do love her bubble personality, and the fact that she has smiley faces on her boots.






I hate autocorrect. I fixed it.


Help me Nenohi Kinobi, you're my only hope!

...Too late to correct it, Ninjapacman, the meme has already been born. I can't wait to see who the art-accomplished choose to be her padawan... :rolleyes:


That was glorious. :)

...I thought that was Nenohi. Glorious is somebody else :P .

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So now there will definitely be a Jedi costume for Nenohi right?

I'd be one heck of a terrible meme if there wasn't. Even a fan picture would gratify my mistake. If I'm going to be made fun of, you'd better follow through, or I'll feel cheated.

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