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Captain's Association, Round 21: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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B1 is USS Houston and B3 is USS Arizona check the images I posted.



<_< Until they introduce themselves or show up on Twitter, exactly who they are is up to speculation. Clearly the September 1st 1939 limitation narrows lists a bit, but until Mahan chats with someone or she gets a Twitter pic, I consider the identities of unknown Belles highly educated guesses.


That's what Lampo, the Belle who would be Hood has taught me. ;)



that's why i posted those images from Marissa Lenti's Twitter. B1 is Houston and B3 is Arizona.


Why didn't you say that sooner? :blush:

I guess if loose lips sink ships... the Voice Director's Twitter fries fritters? :P

Well played, RA.

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I'm sticking with my vote this week but NEXT week I urge everyone to grant SandmanOneFour his wish and vote for D1. Please everyone - basic training (even if the wrong service :P ) is special. Send him off with style! :-)

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You guys are amazing! But don't sweat it. If you guys see someone you like then by all means get em. I'll be leaving on November 7th and by the time I get internet privileges in February there will be so much cool belles to read and maybe even watch. Nevada will have her day regardless. Who knows maybe freespace2 will get enough votes that I'll see a Morgana interview/interogation that would be sweet.

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Oh, I remember joining the Navy. I lost my Ogame account because of boot camp. I imagine in 10-20 years the military will be so soft and gentle that that sort of thing won't be an issue. That'll probably cause other problems, though.

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A2() 9v

A4(I-8) 2v

A5(Camicia Nera) 1v

B5(Saguenay) 2v

C2(D'Aosta) 1v

C3(Kumano) 10v

C5(Z 18) 6v

D1(Nevada) 1v

D4(New Orleans) 1v

E1(Algerie) 1v

H(Hood) 1v

M(Morganae) 1v




*still popcorn*


Awwwwww...only Japanese ships again? We should bring in some 'muricans :D.

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