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Captain's Association, Round 23: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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Gotcha. You said Bulldog's interview would be ready by this week (probably even ready last week) but not necessarily that it would be posted this week. I stand corrected. Still, I maintain my basic thesis.

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A rotating view seems like it would just cause confusion and make the interview longer than it needs to be. Also I just don't think they should be votable for Belle interviews. Especially when they're not even on the board. They should just be interludes like the last one when the art/writing team has time or wants to do one. It would be nice if they did do it, yes. But It should in no way interrupt the Belle interviews or cut into the middle of one.

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I promised before to vote Morgana this week. I am a woman of my word.


DDoS please.


Also, Please don't be upset at me for voting this way. It's my own vote. I was going to stay obtained because of this event but the discord reminded me it's still important to vote.

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As I mentioned in Discord. I see this going one of three ways.


1. The Morgana vote is ignored, A2 wins
2. The Morgana wins as a write in, and we get a strange interview (this will most likely NOT happen)
3. Hood gets the interview and we get an odd bit of knowledge from the assocciation pretaining to some eye witness reports on the morgana.
3 in my opinion is what I'm hoping for AND what seems the most likely case

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3 would also keep the Morganas mysterious like they should be. And save learning about them for the main game. It would be nice though if there were occasionally some more interludes after some of the interviews. When the writers feel is a good time to put another in.

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We must be getting pretty close to the deadline now. Last week the polls closed earlier than this, it seems.


Edit. Then again, that was a landslide, the direct opposite of this one, so...

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Okay, so unless I'm completely blind (while wearing my glasses, at that):


Voted for A2/Hood:

  1. Wellington99
  2. Sinboto Simmons
  3. lazarusdw
  4. zhao-zhanghua
  5. Ninjapacman
  6. RockyArby
  7. jojosqex
  8. LibraS
  9. David J
  10. Zurichan
  11. Historynerd
  12. Hyperion
  13. FrozenAoD
  14. Urza3142

Voted for DDoS:

  1. Metis
  2. Panay's Ghost
  3. DrYuriMom
  4. freespace2dotcom
  5. Mignonette
  6. SandmanOneFour
  7. Schwarzbart
  8. MisterBottle
  9. von_Lipstig
  10. Fifrein
  11. Adrian
  12. Nel Celestine
  13. Procyon

Hood wins by one vote.


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