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Captain's Association, Round 24: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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*Rubs hands gleefully*

It seems there's a tie between the horn-helmed mine-flailer and the semi-suicidal cruiser in battleship's clothing*...

Both are verrrry tempting.

Because to date 4 Soviet Belles have been interviewed and only 3 German Belles have, I will vote for D-3 this week.

...And still plenty of time for more popcorn. ;)

*...Unless it's the other way around and Parizhskaya Kommuna is a battleship in cruiser's clothing... :P

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And unless i've been mistaken with my counting (because players do not state where they changed from - going backwards was something of an hassle), D3 has won by a vote (12 vs 11 against its rival C4).


I believe this one will be a tad more formal... and possibly more outrageous.

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