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Captain's Association, Round 27: Vote by Sunday, 12/11, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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I swear these keep popping up sooner and sooner. Then again I am being distracted as Eve online is allowing people to play for free now if they don't mind the limitations imposed on them. When I tried it a good two years ago I crashed and burned, but now I don't need to take the same risks in order to get established. :)


Anywho, Let's go with..... I dunno. C5

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Hi ho!


Considering that there is a strong historic motivation behind the next interview and that the voters are almost all inclined, i believe that my vote itself won't be a deal-breaker, so i can vote on whatever Belle i'm actualy interested in next time.


One vote for D5, please!


*goes downstairs for dinner*

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