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Captain's Association, Round 28: Vote by Sunday, 1/1, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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A Cheery Commie...and the Sweet Sixteen.

Based on what I know:


France: 4 (Algérie, Maillé Brézé, Verdun, Béarn)

USA: 3 (Houston, Stewart, Henley)

USSR: 2 (Profintern, Moskva)

Germany 2: (Maass, Hans Ludermann)

Italy 2: (D'Aosta, Camica Nera)

Unknown: 2 (but probability is high both are RN of some form) ( A-1, B-2)

Japan 1: (I-8)





Still no bingo. <_<


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It's very simple. Dano or Metis posts the bingo board, and all you have to do is vote which square of the bingo board you want to see, usually by the sunday before the next interview. Legate counts the votes, and the winner gets interviewed the following week.

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one of my friend seid she look loli hahahahahahaha plus her design look younger

Compared to a number of Belles that have been interviewed, she is. :rolleyes:


All I really know about her is from WoWs: big guns, not much armor protection. Punchy light cruiser.

...And all I know about her is she's a cruiser (Light? Heavy? Neither! She's a Kirov! ;) ) and gets uniforms from the same designer as Parizhskaya Kommuna. :P Delusions of grandeur or she's got more rank (her uniform looks more officer-y)? I can't wait to find out.

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