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I vaguely remember reading this a long time ago, though I can no longer find a source, so I figured it'd be easier to ask here:


I know that when you gain friends in your clique, you can get specific clique abilities and the option to sacrifice members to overcome certain adventure rolls. But isn't there some kind of system in place where when you encounter a skill roll, your friend's skills are taken into account too?


Example: While faced with a Command skill roll, Cinzia's 7 in Command trumps my 5. Thus, her number is used for the roll.


Is this actually a system in place, or am I misremembering?

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Your Familiar gives a flat bonus to your (effective) skill level equal to ½ it's skill, up to a maximum of ½ of it's Bond parent skill. So a Familiar with Bond 10 and Wits 10 means you get +5 to all Wits rolls. And in answer to your next potential question: The Familiar should benefit from your skill levels in the same way, but due to a bug/engine limitation/something it doesn't.

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