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Captain's Association, Round 29: Vote by Sunday, 1/8, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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question: what does each nation call there belles?


I'm still confused why the germans call theirs Valkyries. Instead of, I don't know, Meer Göttin, Lichtbringer, ect ect ect.

Didn't the Nazi have an Ideal in the northern mythology? But correct should probably Walküre instead of Valkyrie.
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Is c3 soviet as well? The only Soviet I recognize on the board right now is D3.


You know, if you want to go for the double tap and really drive Mahan over the edge.







will it be possible next time to have the names of the belles on the voting image as some of us dont actually know who they are


I could do that now, if you want...



A1->D1 /Unknown* / Houston / Stewart / Algérie /

A2->D2 / Profintern / Unknown* / D'Aosta / Maillé Brézé /

A3->D3 / Verdun / Camicia Nera / Maass /Moskva /

A4->D4 / I-8 / Béarn / Hans Lüdermann / Henley /


* There are ideas about who these are- I have my own. Until a voice actress announcement, Twitter pic, interview or leak from Legate :P they are U.N. Owen. ;)



I did nationality breakdown here.

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