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I'm just curious and i want to ask some questions .... Lazy af to read the other topic


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Ayyyyye I'm lazy to read some of the other topic

So i will just post this here



1.I'm just curious if everyone here pledge to the kickstarter because me nope I'm a poor af I'm just waiting for free.... I really want to but.. Yeah all i can do is to draw fan art


2. If there's a raid event or something like expedition where you send your belles for certain amount hour ... Raid event is where owns u enter the event u need finish it to get some random awards? Raid stage consists of 3 or 5 or more stage like that



3. Do the timeline will expand so i can see some modern belles?


4. Do the game have guild system and ranking world wide?


5. PvP is available in the game right plzz hahahaha


6. If we can change the armament of belles so is the ammo like in Wot u can choose what type of ammo to bring or the plane for aircraft carrier

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Let me see what I can help you with (Keep in mind I'm not a Dev):


1. No, there are some people who backed through Kickstarter or Paypal and others who, like yourself, are waiting for the full release.


2. This was a bit hard to understand, if you're asking if there will be events then Legate has hinted at there being some (Sorry if I'm wrong Legate), but there is no solid Yes at this time.


3. The Timeline only goes a few years pass WW2 so there are currently no plans to push in to the modern era.


4. There has been no mention of guilds but there was mention of a Global Leaderboard, I believe.


5. There is no intention to put PVP in the game at this time, possibly in the future.


6. You can upgrade your belles but not in the way of WoWS, there's certain points of upgrade such as Torpedoes, Main Armament, Planes carried on board. But I believe the closest you get to changing your ammo will be from upgrading your guns (I.E. Going from 14 inch guns to 16 inch guns).

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You are the captain, and I do not believe you get skills and stuff to buff the fleet. (Legate feel free to correct me on that one.)


As for Belles, you definitely can upgrade their equipment. I'm not sure about leveling up, but I believe they do that too.


Also, you didn't have to read the general questions thread, but it would be nice if you would post in it. You questions would have been answered just as well, if not better, there.

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There is no "Captain level" however your relationship with the League of Nations and various other nations will improve based off what missions you take on. Unlocking new opportunities for research and meeting new Belles, also Belle's do level up and from that leveling can learn new flag commands for you when you have them as your flag ship. As Ninja said, it may be more prudent to ask the questions in the question thread, Even if they're already answered someone will be sure to provide it again.

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lolwut I'm one of the guys who didn't enter kick-starter, my main reason was i didn't have a paypal/creditcard and i am waiting for the release & hoping that there will be a MOL payment or steam in the game in the future as those are the only two i have access at the moment.

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