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Here is information about the 1931 Scheherazade soundtrack I've heard quite a few people wonder about:


  • A Lifetime of Love~musicloops.com~Felix's theme
  • American in Paris~musicloops.com~Nigel's Theme
  • Andes Flute~smartsound.com~Peru Map
  • Canonealla Settima~music.kimiko-piano.com~Rüdeger's Theme
  • Canonealla Unisuono~music.kimiko-piano.com~Easter
  • Caravan~couldn't find~Egypt Map
  • Classy Joint~royaltyfreekings.com~Steven's Theme
  • Cloud Nine~royaltyfreekings.com
  • Daily Grind~musicloops.com~Bigglesworth's Theme
  • Dinner for Two Shall we (a.k.a. Dinner for Two)~smartsound.com
  • Gypsy Girl~musicloops.com
  • Head Over Heels~musicloops.com~Roland's Theme
  • High Society~musicloops.com~Ahmose's Theme
  • Indian Flute Song~musicloops.com~India Map
  • Jump To It Horn~smartsound.com
  • Keep In Touch Keys (a.k.a. Keep In Touch)~smartsound.com~Felix's Theme
  • Lady Be Good To Me~musicloops.com~Ahmose's Theme
  • Makes You Wonder All Mine (a.k.a. Makes You Wonder)~smartsound.com~Sterling's Theme
  • Minor Swing (a.k.a. A Minor Swing)~royaltyfreekings.com~Australia Map
  • My One and Only A Toast (a.k.a My One and Only)~royaltyfreekings.com~Valentine's Day
  • Old Fashioned Love~musicloops.com~Sterling's Theme
  • Pal Around Hopalong (a.k.a Pal Around)~smartsound.com~Anna's Theme
  • South Side Jazz~royaltyfreekings.com~New York Map
  • Sugar Plum Gypsy~musicloops.com~Christmas
  • Tale of the Jazzy Prince (a.k.a. The Jazzy Prince)~youtube.com~Title
  • The Sergalio~couldn't find~Turkey map
  • The Stars And Us Lighten (a.k.a The Stars and Us)~smartsound.com~Ending
  • The Strip~royaltyfreekings.com~Evelyn's Theme
  • Three O Clock hop Secret (a.k.a Three O'Clock Hop)~smartsound.com~Nigel's Theme
  • Vegas Horns~royaltyfreekings.com~Johnny's Theme
  • When The Saint Go Marching In~musicloops.com~New Orleans map
  • When You Want It Right way (a.k.a. When You Want It)~smartsound.com
  • Zoot Suit Horns~royaltyfreekings.com~Roland's Theme

For more information, visit this page on the wiki: http://applesauce.wikia.com/wiki/1931_Soundtrack


Also, is there a chance that the soundtrack will ever be released officially? I'm not sure about the legality of releasing a soundtrack comprised of royalty free/pay once and you're done music. I've considered releasing the soundtrack myself, but...I'm not sure of the legality of it so I haven't XD. I know that Hatoful Boyfriend and Holidaystar used royalty free music and yet they both released soundtracks.

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Ah, I figured as much. It makes sense that getting the rights to use a song does not equal getting the rights to sell it XD.

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