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Captain's Association, Round 34: Vote by Sunday, 2/19, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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I vote for an image of Slat Lake City punching a Morgana in the face.


I can just imagine a Morgana giving a sharp chiding over misspelling 'Salt Lake City' as 'Slat Lake City'.





I can imagine a Morgana getting her ticket punched for a Freudian slip and/or a heavy accent... :P

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if von_Lipstig count is true then its a draw.

(because some people think its funny to vote for a draw I will now assist freespace in his vote for Morgana starting next week as this is even more fun ^^)

If the vote is close/ a tie it's funny. If it's in von_Lipstig Notation (ev ), it's boring. :rolleyes:

There's no winning on this one... :P

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