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Captain's Association, Round 35: Vote by Sunday, 2/26, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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And then, this week’s vote happened. And instead of the landslide victory for Algérie which was expected, she just barely eked out a win. A single vote was all which separated her from the runner up, a Belle we’ve yet to mention by name.





A1->D1 /Unknown* / Houston /Stewart / Algérie /

A2->D2 / Profintern / Perth / D'Aosta / Maillé Brézé /

A3->D3 / Verdun / Henley / Maass /Moskva /

NOTE: *A1 is still Unknown!


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We can't let her be unknown any longer! A Belle who cares so much for her friends that she would be disappointed if she nearly beat them is one I must meet! A1 for the third time in a row. You shall linger in the shadows no longer!

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Hi ho!


Last week, i voted for Argerie out of respect from the previous win.


And now, i'll have to honor the loser's turn, even though i really wanted the cowboy-hat Belle.


Another vote for A1, please! Let her know our acknwoledgement.

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