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Captain's Association, Round 36: Vote by Sunday, 3/5, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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So the bingo board has been changed now that we're down to 9 Belles.




I'm voting C1.

Oh this Captain's Association looks intriguing :) However this is my first time participating in such group poll... would Captain Dano or someone else well versed in this "Bingo" be able to please educate me and other first timers as to who these fine Belles are?


From what I can tell they are:

A - B - C

1 - Moskva - USS Houston (CL-30) - ???

2 - Profintern - Maillé Brézé - ???

3 - ??? - USS Henley (DD-391) - ???


3 looks like a destroyer of the kriegsmarine but all 3 of the C are a mystery to me :unsure: Did I miss their names on the kick starter page or are they supposed to be a surprise? :mellow:

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Obviously if it's vague or unconfirmed voting for it is pointless. Nagato however, is confirmed. She's noted on the Kickstarter. Graf Spee was only mentioned when she got voted in. It's perfectly fine to Vote for Nagato.

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