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I needed to re-download Academagia. I unzipped the mod into Academagia's mod folder and when I started up the game, the mod wasn't there. I went back in and unzipped the .mdm that was in there and tried again with the same result. I even went into the GCC folder and unzipped the .mdm's that were in there too (just to see if that would do anything) and that didn't work either. I remember being able to download and place the mod so easily before. I don't know what I'm doing wrong this time.


I put in dlc sixteen if that is important information. The mod that I am trying to implement is the "choose exotic familiar" mod. Just in case anyone asks I have an Asus laptop that is running windows 8.1.


Edit: I also tried putting the extracted folder outside of the mod folder to see if that would do anything either and it didn't. I also tried moving the contents of the Familiar folder into the mod folder (just in case the issue was the information being in a subfolder?) and that also didn't work.

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I'm pretty sure. The directory is C: > program files (x86) > academagia > mods. I also successfully updated to dlc 16 (I say successfully but I didn't actually test this yet. I extracted and copied and pasted what I needed into the academagia folder which is what I did last time. That was correct right?)

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