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Solo Ars Magica game of Leo Palaioplato


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All rights of Ars Magica 5th edition belong to Atlas Games

The fan made expansion for Solo Play can be found here.


The story is leaned on the results from a solo game I play with v3 of this fan ruleset.

For now I only publish some covenant data and the story. I might post the data of the main character at a later point.


Special rules I used for the Solo Adventures:

- Reduced Time halve the needed time for the adventure

- adventures regarding Hidden Resources and Flawed Resources gain / lose 5x Difficulty in BP instead of the normal reward or losses (depending if it is the boon of flaw)

- Starting with year 4 Georgia Angelidis the chamberlain was added as player companion and also rolled for adventures but could go on adventures as well.

- Starting with year 4 the exp. for adventure was complete replaced with a fixed 1/2 difficulty +2 per set of skill challenges.

- Starting with year 4 the Bonus for 3 success on a set of skill challenges was replaced by either the reduced time or bonus BP from the rewards.

- Starting with year 5 Confidence is only gained on 3 success instead per set because they add up to much (might be different when the difficulty jump up by 3 at the end of year 7)

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Its a wonder I was allowed to start a new covenant right after I passed the gauntlet and my paren declared that I'm a full fledged mage. Despite the bad reputation of my paren I got the important task of secure the Rego great work that was build near a ruined covenant and make it available to other members of the tribunal over the next years. In return the new covenant is allowed to use the resources of a nearby ruined covenant once they are found and secured. Because the Great Work contain a Rego Vis source and the good fish grounds near the isle I should have a good start.

Despite the Tribunal have ordered that I should get helped with starting this covenant it still have cost me a big favour I have to repay some time in the future for the summa and members the covenant of my paren lend me.



1 Minor Site Aura +1 (4)

1 Minor Site Healthy Feature fresh breeze from the sea

1 Minor Site Difficult Access coastal island

3 Minor Resources Hidden Resources 480 Build Points of Resources

- year 4 1 Minor Resources Wealth One existing Typical source of income is upgraded to Greater, providing enough money for the magi and covenfolk to live very comfortably, with a large surplus for spending on luxuries.

3 + year 4 Major Resources Wealth fishing

1 + year 4 Minor Resources Right on the Resources Wealth fishing granted by the ruling mundane noble

1 Minor Residents Missile Weapons (Javelin)

3 Major External Exceptional Book = Great Work Rego lvl 20 QL 15

3 + year 5 Major External Relationship Hedge Tradition Friendly Gruagach Collective (Kolduni)

1 Minor External Felicious Tribunal Even new covenants, if they abide by the agreements, are treated well

1 Minor External Local Ally Faerie

1 Minor External Prestige Rego Great Work



1 Minor Site Road on an important sea trade route

1 Minor Fortifications Outbuildings

1 Minor Fortifications Wooden

1 Minor Resources Regional Produce exceptional fish

1 Minor Resources Flawed Resources 250 Pts in covefolk and books is withdraw after some years

1 Minor Residents Rights and Customs Members of the covenant have a series of traditional rights. These include local holidays, mandatory feasts, exemption from death taxes

1 Minor Residents Suffrage man and women have same rights

- Removed Age 24 1 Minor External Favours to the Covenant helping with the start

1 Minor External Public Vis Source its location and method of harvesting precisely written into a ruling of the Peripheral Code

3 Major Surrounding Ruined Covenant

+ year 3-8 major Surrounding Faerie Landlord

/ replaced for year 3-8 1 Minor Surrounding Faerie Court

1 Minor Surrounding Heretics


50 Pts Vis source 10 Rego Vis (Public known)

250 Pts in Library and Covefolk “lend”

016 Steward Communication 2 Teaching 7 Ancient Greek 7 Profession Steward 7 (Pre 2)

012 2x Scribe 6

006 Binder 6

006 Illuminator 6

006 Carpenter 6

030 7x Grog guards 5 Single Weapon

015 Guard Captain Communication 3 + Teaching 6 + 6 Leadership + 6 Single Weapon (Pre 0)

004 Brewer 4

155 6x Art Summa lvl 17 QL 14 Creo, Intellego, Muto, Perdo, Corpus

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Year 1


When I arrived at the isle the construction of the hamlet and the lab wasn’t finished. Good that most of the day to day business is handled by a competent steward and turb captain because most member show clear distrust toward their new leader, me. Because my calculations showed that the income from the fishing grounds should be enough to cover for a regular payment and the general living quality of longer established covenants I ordered the necessary changes to gain the needed loyalty after talking this trough with the steward and turb captain. I would have preferred if we could have build more out of stone instead of wood but the cost and time limit prevent this. After inspecting the small library I got lend I ordered that for this year the Creo and Intellego Summa should be copied that this books could be returned when the Redcap arrive next year.

So the first days got past just to get familiar with the important mundane members of my new covenant, set the first orders and have a look at the direct surrounding.

Because I couldn’t set up my lab already I used the spring season to inspect and study the Rego Great Work and collect the vis there as it have to be done in the spring. Natural I also placed the ward spells I know at different places especial the “Circle of Beast Warding” against common animals and “Ward against Flame Covenant” against fire.


Summer and Autumn

Except for the first visit of a Redcap during the Autumn lucky nothing happened during summer and autumn so I could focus on setting up my personal lab. Knowing how stuffed the lab of my paren was I decided against decorations and instead keep more place for the tools and to work. During the visit the old Redcap warned me about the Faerie court on this isle and that most native of this place are actual believe in some faerie as god what might be problematic at some point.

Minor Virtue Spacious +2 Safety +1 Aestetics

Minor Flaw Lab undecorated -1 Upkeep -1 Aestetics

Free Dedicated Building +1 Upkeep +1 Aestetics +1 Re



Because the Steward appears to be very educated in the academic skills and quit skilled in teaching I asked him to teach me Artes Librartes during this winter time. After I promised him a bonus payment he agreed to teach me. Lucky it appears that he isn’t affected by my gift like some other member of the covenant and so the teaching did go on without a hitch.

My calculations about the covenant finances at the start of the year where almost correct. The fish sales brought in lots of money and we managed to build up a saving of nearly half of our yearly income. Also I managed to cast the Aegis of the Hearth Ritual for the first time despite my paren thought me a very easy version of it its actual the first time I performed this ritual.

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Year 2


For this year I asked my scribe to copy the lend Muto and Perdo summa.

Because the covenant that lend me all the people and summa got into a financial slump I was asked for help and so I decided to do the sea travel to their covenant together with ~2/3 of our money reserves, some Rego Vis and 2 of our Grog as escort. The sea travel was without a hitch but arriving at the covenant I learned that my paren is missing for some time and that this is one of the reason for their problems. So I handed them nearly all the pound I brought with me and took care of their direct need in clothings using ”An Dressing The Human Form In Wool” many times. The next day I joined the team searching for my paren and thanks to the help of a faerie cat we found the place where he apparently entered twilight. Because there isn’t much I could do in this situation I reported the place to the covenant. I helped them 2 more days with other important tasks before I returned to my own covenant. For the rest of the month I did study the Great Work of my covenant and collected the vis there.



A letter arrived from my old covenant that my paren recovered from the twilight and that my help was really appreciated. The favour from the help with my own covenant should be considered as fulfilled with this and they even will send me a Vim Summa that I’m allowed to copy for my covenant like the other summa they lend me. Also they remind me again that I’m not allowed to make more then 1 copy from the summa they lend me unless they special allow it.

I was personal invited to visit a priest living that fishermen village at the start of the summer. I had some difficulties with talking to the priest and so had the turb captain do the talk on my behalf. It turns out someone of the village found some books we might be interested at and all they asked for them is some new outfits for the ceremonies as the old got damaged beyond repair by animals. The village would even provide the wool. Thanks to the spell “An Dressing The Human Form In Wool” it took me not long to get the outfit together that was requested, I just hope it is of high enough quality for the priest. So the next day I send the new clothes over to the priest and from what I was told he was happy with the result and in return we got a chest with some books and a chisel. Its good the books are back in the hand of a member of the Order of Hermes as alone the Parma Magica Summa would be enough to destroy the whole village if someone would have learned about it. Then there is also a Vim tractus, a Perdo tractus and a Labtext for Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier in this chest. The chisel also appears to be a magic item. I immediately started to study the Parma Magica summa and put the rest of the chest to the side.



I decided its high time to lead an expedition to the ruined covenant and so took 2 grog with me. On our way to the ruins we disrupted a wild boar, when we passing trough a forest. The animal scratch with his hove and then charged in our direction. Both grog did manage to hit it with their javelin but didn’t manage to kill it, instead it got even more angry. Still it gave me the time to draw the “Circle of Beast Warding” around us. The boar hit the circle twice before it collapsed. While the grog recovered their javelin and checked if the boar is really dead a hunter approached us. He told us that hunting in this forest isn’t allowed but accept that it was an emergency because the animal attacked us. To let not get the animal to a waste the hunter prepared a meal from it and shared it with us. During this time I got a clean view on the hunter and spot that he is actual a faerie and that’s probably also the reason why I could talk so normal with him. From our talk I managed to learn about some interesting locations we should check out. With a wink in my direction the hunter also mentioned that it is the court that forbid the hunting in this part of the forest. So I suspect its the faerie court he is talking about. We camped together with the hunter for the night and at the morning the hunter left and we checked out the locations he mentioned of the next days. At this places I managed to find a Corpus, a Creo, a Mentem and a Vim vis source that I claimed for my covenant. Despite that the Vim vis source should be collected during the summer from my understanding I still managed to collect the vis, only for the Mentem source I have to wait for next spring to collect it. The rest of this season I spend to refine my lab.

Minor “Flaw” Refinement +1 Safety till size is used

Free Virtue Highly Organized +1 Genral



During this winter I again let the Steward teach me about Artes Librartes. It was strange that this year no redcap arrived at the covenant but probably my covenant is to small to be visited each year.

Natural I also refreshed the Aegis of the Hearth Ritual.

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Year 3


This year I let the scribe of my covenant copy the Vim and Corpus summa, the last lend summa, so that all lend summa could be returned to the covenant that borrowed them to us.

Nothing special happened this spring so I could collect the vis and read the Parma Magica summa without disruption.



At the start of the summer I set out to find some new personal for my covenant. So we visit the nearby fishing village in hope to find there some suitable candidates. Sadly a whole day of search only turned up one suitable candidate for the position as grog. On the way back to the covenant suddenly one of the fisherman draw his knife and tried to attack me but I saw the attack coming and could dodge. Good the turb captain was with me as he shouted the command to only subdue him otherwise the Grog probably would have killed the attacker. The attacker had madness in his eyes while mumbling “the court got replaced by the prince, that’s all your fault” in a very old dialect. Somehow he also easy managed to avoid the attacks to subdue him till I secretly used” Confusion of the Numbed Will” what had the strange effect that the man collapsed. I still put him into arrest so we could question him once he regain his consciousness. The next day the fisherman regained consciousness but couldn’t remember how and when he returned from fishing yesterday and why he is now prisoner. Despite having some bad feeling about this I set him free as I suspect it is some prank of a faerie as the dialect he now talk with is complete different. Because the village did only come up with one suitable candidate for my covenant I started to ask the servants if they know a suitable candidate. One of them could actual point me to a Chamberlain that should finish her apprenticeship this or next year but I also be warned that this girl have a reputation of an insatiable gluttony. Despite the warning I set up a letter to the covenant where this girl is an apprentice in hope I could recruit her from the other covenant. The rest of the summer I worked together with the carpenter to expand my lab with an antechamber. With all the work I nearly forgot to collect the Vis for this season.

Minor Virtue: Lesser Feature Antechamber +1 Size +1 Aesthetics +1 Spells



Not that long after Autumn started I was alerted because a flying horse descended from the sky. When I left my home one already could see that there is a rider on it and a bit after one even could see the red cap the rider is wearing. So finally a redcap is arriving again at my covenant! But I never heard of a redcap using a pegasus in the Thebean Tribunal. Despite the wariness of my grog I welcomed the redcap to my covenant. To my surprise he talked to me in Latin instead of Greek, so he really not belongs to our Tribunal or is a new metoikos. He handed me a letter and asked to prepare an accommodation for his horse and him as he intended to stay till he have my answer. I told one nearby servant to arrange the quarter for our guest and arrange some place for the horse. In the letter the covenant of Alexandria requested our help in finding a missing Redcap that got missing. Its not entire sure where he vanished and so depending if he arrived at our covenant we should help check him the planed route ahead or back. Sir Ramon can’t speak Greek so he mostly need someone who can translate for him. Because the girl I planed to recruit for the Chamberlain position is from the covenant he should have visited before mine I decided to do the travel my self. I told my steward to arrange for the trip to the other covenant. The sea trip to the other covenant was uneventful, what also means we didn’t find any clue what could happened to the missing redcap. Because the other covenant had an other translator for Sir Ramon I could start with my negations with the covenant. For just some pounds I managed to secure some spell labtexts and the young Chamberlain but somehow I can’t fend off the feeling that the negotiator of the other covenant was to pleased with this deal. Even if there is something wrong with the girl, to be able to get the labtext for 4 rego spells, 3 of them between 4. and 6. magnitude, should help me greatly given my problems with spontaneous magic. After 2 days Sir Ramon also concluded with his investigation that something must have happened on the ship travel once the Redcap left this covenant. On the way back to my covenant we where attacked by pirates and after a difficult fight that mostly was done by the grog I had with me and Sir Ramon on his pegasus we managed to eliminate most of them so that the other surrender. On board of this ship we found the missing Redcap in chains, apparently the pirates found his knowledge to useful to kill him or ask for ransom. Back at my covenant Sir Ramon and the other Redcap rested for some days before they returned to Alexandria. The girl turned out to have a ravenous appetite and could easy eat the same like 10 hard working men but she also had no problem with me unlike most mundane. I even think she have some interest in me, maybe someone told her that I’m unmarried. Weeks later when I was away to collect vis a herald from the mundane lord arrived with a declaration what fishing ground and fish we are allowed to harvest. Apparently someone credited the elimination of the pirate threat to us. I’m no expert regarding to the fish but from what I got told that with this decree we should be able to increase our yearly earning by 2 to 3 times of what we have now!



Once again I have the Steward teach me Artes Librares during the winter season. One day my covenant was attacked by flying fish. They couldn’t penetrate my aegis but outside there was panic because its the first time the covenant got attacked. The Turb Captain acted right away and brought everyone behind the defences. But before he organized the counter attack I realized that it is actual no attack instead they where just passing trough and so after an hour where everyone was waiting behind the wooden palisade the swarm passed by and everything returned to normal. The swarm reminded me how important it is to keep a good defence and so I made sure to not forget to cast the Aegis of the Hearth Ritual this year again.

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Year 4


Short after the winter ends I have send out Georgia, my chamberlain, to arrange some dealing with the mundane as we still need more people, have to arrange for 2 big festival, order new weapon and armor and get a stonemason to building a tower. I joined her to see if she can do good work outside of the covenant but let her do all the talk. Her methods are very different from what I saw the turb captain or the steward using as she mostly just followed the lead of gossips. But she was more effective then what we managed last year. In just a few days she managed to recruit the people for our vacant servant and fisher positions, she also found us a cooper master who will join us. For the weapon and armour she managed to get the senior master of an other covenant to do them for us. Also she got us a promising lead to a stonemason senior master and I did write the letter to invite him over while Georgia continued the organisation of our weeding this summer. Confident in her abilities I let her do her work will I studied the great work and also collected the vis for the rest of the year.



I gave the order to not disrupt my labwork unless the covenant is attacked because collecting the vis for this season and the marriage ceremony would already stretch the time I can stay away from my lab while still manage to learn the Thrust spell. For the church ceremony we had a tolerant priest because this ceremony was mostly for the friends and family of other covenants. One day during the 4 day long festival a fire did get out of control but the ward against flame I placed ahead of time prevent that it was spreading till it was extinguished. From the presents we got the most noteworthy where 4 summa, one about Finesse, the other about Magic Theory, the 3th about Philosohia and the 4. was a full copy of The Alexiad from Anna Komnene. After everything was over I learned that the stonemason already arrived and started with the planing for the tower. Lucky there where no other disruption so I managed to learn the spell by the end of summer.



The construction of the tower started but will probably take some year to be finished. This season I also learned a spell, this time Divide the Gathered Essence to better manage the Vis I have. When collecting vis Georgia accompanied me. On the way back an aggressive troll blocked our way but before he could decide to attack us I managed to cast confusion of the numbed will. The troll was then aimless wandering away. To my shock I realised that my wife is gone, she must be running away when seeing the troll. We tried to follow her track but no one of my group had knowledge how to do this so we soon lost the trail. We wandered a bit aimless trough the forest till suddenly the smell of food came to our nose. Following the smell we discovered the hunter from 2 year back was sitting at a fire and was cooking something in a pot. My wife was also there with a pale face. The hunter invited us to join the meal he is cooking while scolding me that I should take more care that my people not hunt here as this girl had just killed an animal in her panic. After the meal with the hunter he pointed us in the direction to our covenant and told us we should go now as he could smell a troll coming from the other side.



During the winter Georgia and I learned Artes Librales from the steward. We also had a second wedding ceremony, this time according to the local customs and a small festival for 2 days. During this time we managed to learn that the priest actual belong to a hedge tradition called Kolduni. Because we respect their culture he now will over us the same service that the villager also can get like meditate between human and faerie, heal the sick and wounded, remove curses or even help us to fight our enemies. Not many days after the ceremony I had to refresh the Aegis of the Hearth Ritual again.


+ Major External Relationship Hedge Tradition Friendly Gruagach Collective (Kolduni)

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Year 5


The brewer of my covenant got missing and from the investigation of our guards he was last seen by a child meeting with a beautiful woman at the forest and following her even deeper into the forest. Because this was already during the winter and the forest is where the faerie “gods” of the Kolduni live decided to asked the priest to hold a ceremony for a good year to all member of my covenant. I doubt it will bring back the brewer as he is missing for to long already but hopeful prevent more loses in member. After this I studied the Rego great work again like I did nearly every spring after founding this covenant.

Toward the end of this season when I already collected the Mentem and Rego vis I got reports that the fisher refuse to sail out to the fishing grounds because there is a monster. With the help of my wife I managed to convince the crew of a small boat to get us to the place where the monster was spotted. All I could find is a winged serpent with 4 arm like appendages and large leathery wings. This winged serpent is not even the size of a child and so shouldn’t be the reason that fisher refuse to set sail. The sailor confirmed my suspicion when they told me that the beast was much larger when they saw it the other day. We just finished our talk when the winged snake started to talk in an old Greek dialect with a high pitched voice. “You not try to drive me away like the other?” After some talk that proved difficult at times it turned out that this winged serpent was driven away from her previous hunting grounds by humans and thought this is a good place to hunt for fish till the fishing boats arrived. It also told me that it was her who the sailor saw. Because I couldn’t sense some kind of disguise and Georgia, who I couldn’t stop from coming with me on this boat trip, couldn’t sense any strong evil I convinced the winged serpent to come with us for now as we might come to an agreement. We feed it with the fish we couldn’t sell and after some inspections of the serpent in my lab I’m sure it would be great familiar especial because I also came to like it. When my study of the great work was finished for this saison I finally was able to spontaneous cast all the Rego spells of the 1st magnitude within the aura of my covenant.



While I was working in the Lab to bind the winged snake as familiar a magus of my former covenant arrived. Dionysios ex Merinita is just some years older then me and was one of the few people at the right age to play together when we had spare time during our apprentice time. Because we didn’t see each other for years there was much to talk about. From this talk I learned that the reason I got the tasked with the creation of this covenant is that I managed to attract a suitable faerie patron who is related to this isle during my apprentice time, at last according to his paren. Its the first time I heard this and that it is the requirement in the Theban tribunal to have a supernatural patron to start a covenant. My friend couldn’t tell me more about it except that there is still a lot of bad blood from the time when my ex Miscellanea paren took me as his apprentice without observing the rules of the tribunal and that I actual should belong to Merinita. The next day I learned the real reason for the visit is that the old covenant need most of the lend men back and Dionysios is supposed to take them back home with him. Only the Steward, the Turb Captain and 2 of the Guards are allowed to stay longer. Because his order did not give him a time till when he have to return I suggested that he can study the great work of my covenant for the rest of this year and return with the personal spring next year and he accepted the proposal despite that I couldn’t offer him a lab and only had guest quarters ready. In a meeting with the turb captain, steward and my wife we then decided to offer some recruiting bonus for new guards and craft master. Because I was disrupted from the binding procedure already I collected the Vim vis the next day.

Later this summer I heard from my wife that she think a rumour she heard is worth to investigate. The rumour might point to and external lab of the ruined covenant and because it is so close to the great work I decided we need to check it out despite the risk. I wasn’t really surprised to see some outlaws using the cave that lead to the lab as hideout but the turb captain and the guards had no problem to clean them out. The actual lab was guarded by a ghost but the magic protections that I feared most where already gone. The ghost was friendly to us as the loneliness did nearly drive it insane. Except for some enchanted items a tractus and a laboratory text there was nothing useful left. When I was about to pull out a strange string puppet the ghost warned me to be careful with this item he called Mot’s Hand as it is very dangerous and best should left in the storage it is now. The ghost could also point me to an old pagan graveyard in this cave where one could collect Mentem and Corpus vis. The ghost offered that it would join out covenant if we leave the mentem vis of this source to him. When the ghost also told me that it could copy hermetic texts, assist at a lab and work as teacher because it was also a hermetic mage before its paren deceived it, I agreed with this terms. Unknown to me the ghost would have to help my covenant even without payment because his transformation to a ghost bound him to the Order of Hermes covenant of this isle that he have to assist to his best effort without more specific what covenant is meant.

By the end of the summer the increased recruiting effort already showed results, a Herbalist and a Brewer master joined us. We also got some reliable info that that a Carpenter master is planing to join us spring next year.



I was surprised when I checked my library for the Corpus summa to find we now even have 2 different one. After a talk with the steward I learned that to keep our scribe busy he managed to do some trades with other covenants for good books and so acquired an Creo and Corpus Summa last year and an Animal and Muto summa for this year. Because the Corpus summa in Latin sounded like the easier of the two I started with this. I also asked the ghost to teach my familiar in magic theory in hope that the might of my familiar is not to high for the teaching of the ghost. One evening I learned from my wife that the noble responsible for our isle was visiting and was pleased how everything came along here that he gave our settlement the town rights and the Writ of Crenellation for the tower we already started to build. The only downside for us is that we should have an eye on the pirate threat around our isle but that is in our interests as well. I think the reason for the noble to give us all this rights is that he suspect if we prosper financial the pirates will focus their attacks on the waters around us and so we have to take care of the problem instead of him what makes the important trade routes less dangerous and raise his taxes.

+Minor Fortification Boon Writ of Crenellation Cov 15

+Minor Minor Covenant Boon: Chartered Town C&G 11



The turb captain managed to find 4 promising young guard recruits that where presented to my wife and me at the start of the winter. They still need a lot of education with the weapons but according to the turb captain its better then what he had to work with at the old covenant. Except for an other round of negotiations with the representative of my old covenant because the brewer is still missing and the Aegis of Hearth ritual there was no disruption in my learning from the Creo summa. I gave Dionysios ex Merinita some pound silver as compensation for the apparently “dead” brewer journeyman and he promised me that he will send a good Order of Hermes Lore suma once he returned to his covenant. My wife apparently gained some weight this season what is no wonder with all the food she stuff into her.


year 4 and year 5 I made some adjustments to the rules for the solo play I use as mentioned in the 1st posting. I still have to design both the ghost and the familiar so I left them without name for now. The familiar was paid with a major covenant boon.

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Satus of the covenant after year 6:



Minor Site Aura +1 (4)

Minor Site Healthy Feature fresh breeze from the sea

Minor Site Difficult Access coastal island

+ year 6 Minor Site Boon: Chartered Town C&G 11

+ year 6 Minor Fortification Boon Writ of Crenellation Cov 15

3x Minor Resources Hidden Resources 370 Build Points of Resources

- year 4 Minor Resources Wealth One existing Typical source of income is upgraded to Greater, providing enough money for the magi and covenfolk to live very comfortably, with a large surplus for spending on luxuries.

+ year 4 Major Resources Wealth fishing

+ year 4 Minor Resources Right on the Resources Wealth fishing garanted by the ruling mundane noble

Minor Residents Missile Weapons (Javelin)

+year 6 Minor Residents Veteran Fighters

Major External Exceptional Book = Great Work Rego lvl 20 QL 15

Minor External Felicious Tribunal Even new covenants, if they abide by the agreements, are treated well, and consulted in important matters. The agreements usually cover political issues like vis harvesting, molesting the fay, and control of Hermetic populations.

+ year 5 Major External Hedge Tradition Friendly Gruagach Collective (Kolduni)

Minor External Local Ally local Noble till year 6 Faerie Sidhe

+ year 6 Major External Powerful Ally Faerie Sidhe

Minor External Prestige Rego Great Work



Minor Site Road on an important sea trade route

Minor Fortifications Outbuildings

Minor Fortifications Wooden

Minor Resources Regional Produce exceptional fish

Minor Resources Flawed Resources 41 Pts in covefolk is withdraw after some years

Minor Residents Rights and Customs Members of the covenant have a series of traditional rights. These include local holidays, mandatory feasts, exemption from death taxes

Minor Residents Suffrage man and women have same rights

- year 2 Minor External Favours to the Covenant helping with the start

Minor External Public Vis Source its location and method of harvesting precisely written into a ruling of the Peripheral Code

Major Surrounding Ruined Covenant

+ year 3-8 major Surrounding Faerie Landlord

/ replaced for year 3-8 1 Minor Surrounding Faerie Court

Minor Surrounding Heretics





Summa: (Many times I took 35BP or special books instead of a major boon)

Great Work summa Rego lvl 20 ql 15

summa Creo lvl 11 ql 20 (Latin)

summa Creo lvl 22 ql 13 (Greek)

summa Intellego lvl 11 ql 20 (Latin)

summa Muto lvl 11 ql 20 (Latin)

summa Muto lvl 22 ql 13 (Greek)

summa Perdo lvl 11 ql 20 (Latin)

summa Animal lvl 16 ql 19 (Greek)

summa Corpus lvl 11 ql 20 (Latin)

summa Corpus lvl 22 ql 13 (Greek)

summa Vim lvl 16 ql 19 (Greek)

Summa Byzantium Lore level 5 QL 10 The Alexiad from Anna Komnene (Greek)

Summa Civil and Canon Law level 6 QL 17 (Romaic Greek) Laws of Byzantium as of 1187 with commentary and updates by Psellos Eirenikos, scholastikoi Author unknown

Summa Finesse lvl 7 QL 14 (Romaic Greek)

Summa Living Language Hebrew lvl 5 QL 20 (Romaic Greek)

Summa Magic Theory lvl 7 QL 14 Further Notes on Magical Notation from Janus of Bonisagus (Greek)

Summa Organisation Lore: Order of Hermes lvl 6 Ql 17 (Latin)

Summa Parma Magica lvl 8 ql 11 (Greek)

Summa Theology: Judaism lvl 6 Ql 8 The Torah from Moses (Hebrew)

Summa Judaic Lore lvl 4 ql 8 The Torah from Moses (Hebrew)

Summa Rabinic Law lvl 4 ql 8 The Torah from Moses (Hebrew)



Tractus Perdo 9 (Greek)

Tractus Vim 11 (Greek)

Divine Lore tractus QL 10 The Alexiad from Anna Komnene (Greek)

Magic Lore tractus QL 10 The Alexiad from Anna Komnene (Greek)

Leadership tractus Ql 10 The Alexiad from Anna Komnene (Greek)

Intrigue tractus Ql 10 The Alexiad from Anna Komnene (Greek)

Tractus Organisation Lore: Disciples of Worm Lore 11



Pe(Re) Te 20 Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier ArM5 155

Re VI 25 Divide the Gathered Essence TMRE 40

Re VI 30 Supressing the Wizard's Handiwork ArM5 162

Re ME 20 Thrust Me HoH:TL 73

Re IM 10 Illusion of the Shifted Image ArM5 146

Re Co 35 Seven Leagues Travel MoH 22


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Year 6


At the start of the spring Dionysios returned to his covenant together with many specialist and grog that helped me start this covenant. It still feel to early that they leave but we couldn’t delay it more. In this time of farewell came reports that my familiar disturb and startle the remaining people working for me. Over the next days I had to repeatedly lecture my familiar to use a slight detour toward the sea and not fly direct over the buildings of the servants. Natural my wife had to calm down the servants as well. Talking about my wife, thanks to the Herbalist its now clear why she gained weight, she is pregnant! I also had a talk with the turb captain that because we are now a town, although only a small one, we now need full-time guards instead of part-time as we had it till now. He promised to make the necessary changes in the education but also need more money over the year for the higher payment. With one of the first ships this season a present from the local lord arrived in it a some years old edition of the Byzantium Laws, this will be sure useful in keep the order on this isle. The day I wanted to collect the Mentem vis I spotted what I think is my dad on a snow white horse. I managed to catch up to him and he looks exact like my mother described my dad many years back with his white blond hairs, pointed ears but, pale face and high grown skinny figure! But could that really be? So I careful started a conversation with him. Through the conversation I learned that he is the ruler of some nearby kingdom that probably is in a regio in the forest and current hunting a troll fugitive that escaped his realm many moons ago. I offered to help with his search but he refused. When I asked him if he know my dad, as I expect he is a child of him he answers me that he is actual my dad. So continued with question him different things about him. Before we did go separate ways I pressed him that he should marry my mother and he told me that he would be willing to do so but can’t leave this isle for many years. The talk should have taken a few hours at most but when I returned it turned out that I was missing for nearly a week. Good that I had assist from both the ghost and my familiar or I would have failed to learn the spell Suppressing the Wizards Handiwork this season, sadly I couldn’t collect the vis as I didn’t have the spare time any more.



It took me some time to convince my wife to take things easier but then she decided to read trough the law book and leave the handling of the covenant to the Turb Captain and Steward till after the birth. The next problem is my mother as she can’t read sending her a letter won’t do it and with my wife pregnant I also don’t want to go on a sea trip that take weeks. So I pushed this to the next year where I plan to travel to the tribunal anyway at last if I get an invite. Because there was no disruption during this season I could think about other things beside study the corpus summa and collect the vis. That’s why I found the time to think about what the ghost told me. From how I understand it he was a former Bonisagus magus that had the problem that the usual Longevity Rituals where not really effective for him. His paren offered him an alternative to the usual ways to extend the time on earth by joining the Discipline of Worm. Over the next years he was initiated into the secrets of this organisation by his paren and all did go well till the initiation into becoming a ghost. He did know that his movement would be limited so that he couldn’t leave the covenant but what he didn’t know that he couldn’t learn new things no matter how hard he tired and even worse that he could lose his gift from this. The reason the ghost think his paren betrayed him is that he think during the apprentice time he somehow added the problems with the usual Longevity Rituals that he years later could experiment on him with this ghost becoming initiation. Still for years he assisted the other magus of the covenant till one day all other magus where gone and his movement radius got more and more restricted till he couldn’t lave the cave any more, at last till the time I arrived and he realised that he now could leave the cave again. I’m not sure how much of this is true but he is a great help to me as he understand the magic theory much better then me and appears to be no bad teacher. Maybe I even let him initiate me into the secrets of the Discipline of Worm but for sure not into the last step of becoming a ghost as I don’t want to end in a sad state like him.



Its a boy! My fist child is a boy and we called him Johannes after a grandparent of my wife. He clearly inherited my unusual eyes and the blue faerie blood the runs trough my veins. Because we current have more servant then we actual need as we didn’t dismissed them despite many specialist left we could order 1 servant to be responsible for the child all the time. My wife recovered fast from the birth and continued to read the law summa while I continued to read the corpus summa and collect the vis. One day a distant relative of my wife, a rabbi, came to visit. I didn’t have much contact with the rabbi during his visit but from what my wife told me he tried to get her back to the Jewish belief after all it was her mother who changed confession because of her husband. When the rabbi departed he left us a the Torah in Hebrew and some books in Romaic Greek to learn this language. Also my invite to the tribunal next year arrived and I am tasked to share my Parma Magica with one or more apprentice candidates depending on my ability.



My wife returned to her work as steward this season while my son continue to grow. I secured the help of my familiar and the ghost again so I could learn the spell “Seven Leagues Travel” even if there some longer disruptions. It would be nice if I could adjust the spell for my wife but my knowledge in Corpus and Rego is not enough for the task to reinvent such a difficult spell.

A damaged ship with a low ranking noble and his entourage arrived and the noble demanded meals and lodging for free till the ship is fixed. This noble did not only disrespect our town rights with this demand but also ignore that he is not within his territory. Despite that we offered them some rooms and meals but they demanded better accommodation and food despite that they got the same meal I also eat. Because the behaviour of this noble not go along with what the etiquette demands I ordered a secret investigation on them. From our carpenter I got the info that the damage of the ship is clearly from a fight and not from a storm as they claimed. Personal I had a look at the Alexia but couldn’t find a noble family line of his name despite his claim that his family are noble for generations. From the servants we also got the information that the cloths not really fits this noble despite his high demands toward us. When we where planning to strike against this false noble the Koduni asked for help because the crew from the ship of the false noble is attacking them. It was probably a mistake to immediately send my grog together with the trub captain to assist the Koduni as the false noble and his entourage used the time without guards to plunder my belongings that where not protected. When it was clear that our side is winning the fight the false noble set sail with the rest of his crew without waiting for the one fighting us. Despite that they already had a big head start thanks to the magic carpet from the cave of the ghost and their still not complete fixed hull I managed to catch up without them realize it. While I was looking for a big boulder to send trough their hull my familiar increased its size by a lot and attacked them with his poison breath. Once I shot the boulder trough the still damaged body of their ship it sank very fast. Lucky the false noble didn’t plunder anything important or irreplaceable because from what my familiar told me that the ocean is very deep where the ship sank. So I had to write of the money they have stolen and the money needed for the repairs and replacements. Thanks to the help of the ghost in my lab and the by now great understanding in magic theory of my familiar I still managed to learn the spell and find the time for the Aegis despite the disruption of this false noble that hopeful found his final resting place on the deeps of the ocean.

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Oh wow. Kind of surprised to see recent activity here. The sessions we did were fun, but I think I'm glad I never bought any of the books for it, I've not touched the stuff since then. It's fascinating, but in the end I'm much more of a single player guy and P&P games aren't any fun without lots of people. :)


It was a good experience though. I'd definitely check out a second attempt of a computer game if BCS chooses to try again. ;)

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Sorry that I stopped after year 6 but it became more and more problematic that I got so many boon with next to no interesting boon left to take what resulted that I would get more and more of the ultra rare exceptional books.

With the rules I used you get resources each year that can be used to pay of the Build Point Losses you get.

But for the rewards its better to pick a major boon and take a exceptional book then to take build points and buy the books with them (35 BP compared to 6 BP).

The result from this was that for some Art I even got 2 exceptional book for the covenant what somehow make them look like they are very common.

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