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Beta Candidate #1: No Go

Legate of Mineta

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They'll make the announcement more formally in the Update, but the Team agreed that it would be alright to let everyone here know immediately.


The final tally was 6 to 1, with three major issues, in order:


1) Meta-Game Data

2) Campaign/Alliance Missions QA/Review

3) Production Overhaul


All three will be targeted for the coming Release in mid April, at which point the Team will hold another vote.


We'll keep you posted in this week's Update, as always.


Sorry for the bad news, but we wanted to let you all know as soon as possible, just in case any of you were making weekend plans. ;)

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Aah, that's too bad!

But I think everyone here would rather wait for a more polished product than something rushed out and full of bugs.


Hopefully the Belle bingo board won't run out of Belles when the beta is released... then it's up to BCS to chose them, or else the voting will be all over the place with shots in the dark.

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How can you do that when my flagship is Graf Spee?! :)


Oh well in that case I'll just bring Hood and Bulldog and Rawalpindi along and take care of that. One less Bratwurst Belle to worry about

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It's understandable since you guys want the best foot forward for the beta.


Are you guys going to allow people with some media traction (like Gaijin Goombah...if he gets a beta copy of the game) to talk about the product in beta form? That could be a big factor on why the devs want to have the game polished a bit more for beta :).

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