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Captain's Association, Round 40: Vote by Sunday, 4/2, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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Do guys remember when a certain German belle took over an interview. Well I think its time for glorious to shine.


Glorious please


I remember. The replacement was Glorious I must say. Hence why I voted for her sister.

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I scoured the kickstarter for quite some time making sure of these ones. It's not reassuring that one of them is a mistake on the team's part, because that puts in Jeopardy the validity of every single one of those as long as we don't know who, and it makes it impossible for me to find the mistake and correct it. It's likely going to cause all of these long neglected girls to be further ignored if people think they're not legitimate. Please let me know the mistake so I can correct it and clear up any and all misconceptions about their validity. They deserve to be acknowledged as much or more so than any one of the belles on that board.

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throw out Glorious - indirectly mentioned

*checks List*

even then, it's still 6 write-ins, though



She was actually mentioned as a potential interview, which was pretty compelling. I'd like to keep her in it for now. And where'd you get that number from? I'll have to check those comments.



The 6th write-in is Big E, isn't it?


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I don't care.

I'm voting for Libertad.


Re-reading past interviews I found Canarias mentions her, saying both names to boot. She even almost calls her "Príncipe Alfonso".

Now, I'm not using that mention as a basis of her being confirmed; I was voting for her even before seeing that.


Both the Spanish belles interviewed so far were on the Nationalist side during the Civil War, and so their answers and beliefs are biased towards that. I believe we deserve to see the other side as well, and if there is one ship that's representative of the Republican side, that's Libertad.


Thus, my vote is cast.

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