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Captain's Association, Round 41: Vote by Sunday, 4/9, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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Cause, unless I'm in really desperate need of new glasses, C2 actually won the last vote and therefore has already been interviewed. The Bingo Board will be updated to reflect that later.


You win this ninja-round, Dano ;).


And speaking of that interview, Legate:

We neither of us are capable of climbing those fjords, but climbing with them in our sight may be the next best thing.


Even. More. Coffee.

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There is currently a bit of a problem with the non-board confirmations, in that HMS Glorious may not be one. So the other 5 are as follows: U-29, Takao, Aoba, Gneisenau, and HMS Orion.

Do not confuse these for random write-ins, they're all confirmed.


I shall be casting my vote for U-29, our first U-boot.

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Torn between continued support of the soviet I voted for last week and giving Kongou some time in the lime light...


A2 for me this week.


The famous half English ship will be fun when she makes it and i'd wager she has a strong chance of success, even without my support.

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A2! For the Hammer! (and sickle)


I'm hesitant to vote for Kongou due to her temperament during Nagato's interview; anyone who shows up for the sole purpose of complaining about and putting down their sisters-in-arms is not someone I'd like to meet in detail, despite their subjectively acceptable sense of fashion.

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