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Captain's Association, Round 41: Vote by Sunday, 4/9, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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A2! All for Mother Russia!


It looks like the Soviet with the most votes accumulating is A2/Profintern. Those who want a Soviet and are voting A1 might consider changing to A2... :-)

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While I'd like to see the wolf of solomon I'm sticking with A1


I do like the Kongo class historically as well but she seems like a bit of a, let's say 'piece of work' here in her personification.


Victory Belles Kongo seems to be more of a madame in attitude with a hint of snootiness (or envy...don't know) towards her younger sister Nagato.


That could be compared to Kancolle's Kongo...who's a bit more of a fun-loving derp :D



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There is currently a bit of a problem with the non-board confirmations, in that HMS Glorious may not be one. So the other 5 are as follows: U-29, Takao, Aoba, Gneisenau, and HMS Orion.

Do not confuse these for random write-ins, they're all confirmed.


I shall be casting my vote for U-29, our first U-boot.

god dammit i wanted to vote for glorious well i say A2 this week

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Hmm. We got:

  1. British-born Japanese BC with snazzy fashion, Kongo-san has appeared in Kantai Collection.
  2. Imperial Russian later Soviet CL. Profintern has not appeared in any game as a ship girl IIRC.
  3. French DD famous for detonating O_O, Maillé Brézé has not appeared in any game as a ship girl IIRC.
  4. National Socialist DD named after a ww1 Commodore Admiral, Z1 has appeared in Kantai Collection & Warship Girls.
  5. Soviet Russian Destroyer Leader, Moskva has not appeared in ship girl form in any other game IIRC.
  6. Is "Verdun" HMS [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Verdun_(L93)] or [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_destroyer_Verdun]?

Since there are 2 that served Soviet Union I suppose I shall vote for the former imperial one, Profintern.

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Родина-мать зовёт И сестра слушает... И я тоже. голосовать за красивый Красный Крым.


(terrible russian, I know... tl;dr A2 for me please :ph34r: )


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