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So what's new in DLC 17 - The First Touch of Summer?


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I just finished the Bookworms adventure, I think I failed the final slot, but I'm gonna go with it because it gave me +1 charm. I think its 8 to 10 slots long. I forgot to count. D:


soo, did you like it? Sorry, have to ask as it's one of mine :rolleyes:


I had been meaning to ask Legate if any of mine got in so thanks for letting me know that at least one did. How did bookworms compare to other adventures? Was the progress succeed/fail approach good or bad? Did having multiple phases each action slow it down or make it more fun/useful? Was it monty haul, too stingy or about right? I'm thinking of writing some follow-up adventures for Yr 2(if the club approach fits) or Yr 1 (if Yr 2 gets put on hold and we get another DLC for Yr 1) so would love some feedback.

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One moment, I should have a list somewhere in this giant mess of barely sorted .txt files...here we go:


01. Goof off with Collegemates (Action; -2 Stress, +1 relationship with random same College student, 10% for -1 Merit)
02. A Letter from an Alumna to Regent Badcrumble (1) (Lore)
03. The Napping Place (Location; passive location bonus of +2 Concentration, Relaxation and Serenity)
04. A Letter from an Alumna to Regent Badcrumble (2) (Lore)
05. Sloth Pheme (D4 for -1 Passion and Competition, -2 Stress)
06. Practice Meditation (Ability; +2 Stress Max for 2 days, +1 Serenity and Temperance SS), +1 Serenity SS
07. Happiness Pheme (D7 for +1 Charm and Befriend, -2 Stress)
08. Calming Air (Ability; -2 Stress for your entire Clique, +1 Coordination, Conversation and Relaxation for three days)
09. Stress-Resistant (passive Ability; +1 Stress Max, Creativity, Temperance)
10. The Aimless Gift (Spell; Happiness, Serenity, Sloth Phemes and no roll for -3 Stress, +2 Luck, +5% CoS at everything, +15% CoF at Academic and Exploration type action for one week)

Mind you that's what I noted down during the beta, so things might have changed in the interim.

EDIT: Incidentally, @Legate of Mineta, any ETA on when I can post the list of adventure requirements? I think people have had enough time by now, but...

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I'd rather post it now and not have a situation where a week and some change later someone posts about it because someone, not naming any names, completely forgot. I mean it's been just over three months, three months and a week isn't going to make a difference I don't think.

Unless, of course, the Team has something planned for the end of the month ;).

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One list coming right up!


1)  A Dance with the Boys.  College = Avila prereq
2)  Arithmetic Adventure.  You have to be taking the Arithmetic class.
3)  Bookworms Club.  Library Knowledge >= 2.
4)  Elvie.  Observation >= 3, Amphibians >= 1.
5)  Glorious Crawl.  Only available (in theory) on Kaliri 7.
6)  Gods and Stars.  Avila, Piety >= 3.
7)  Graduating Class Adventure.  Only available after The Pellae (in Anedius), but open to everyone.
8)  Reunion Adventure.  No prereqs.
9)  Rimbal Supporters Club.  Only available at the start of the year (Athonos 7 to Pramidi 7), but otherwise no constraints.
10)  Six Keys Adventure.  You have to have the Apprenticeship: Spy Background, and it's only available at or after Nivelos 15.
11)  Task Force Adventure.  Only available at or after Aruit 21, but otherwise no prereqs.
12)  The Grove of Cold Stars.  Avila, becomes available at the start of Pramidi.
13)  The Invisible Messenger.  Requires Background: Academy: Purple Academy of Thei.
14)  Tour des Tartes Adventure.  Background: Apprenticeship: The Pie Kitchen or Cooking >= 8.  No time constraints.
15)  Wedding Adventure.  Background: Apprenticeship: Page.  Becomes available at the start of Gelamenus.
16)  Young Love Adventure. Romance > 9. (Technically two adventures, but it's just a male/female version of the same adventure)

Please keep in mind that those are the modtool names of the adventures, not the ingame ones. I'd have added the ingame names but I don't know all of them off of the top of my head :P. Also the prerequisites listed are (I assume) the intended ones, not the ones that are necessarily used by the game. If there's a problem, report it in the bugs threat.

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