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So what's new in DLC 17 - The First Touch of Summer?


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So here's a completely stupid idea that just popped into my head: @Legate of Mineta, how about a list of the DLC 16 adventures and unlocking requirements? 'Far as I recall it was never released, and while pretty much every adventure has been found by now their exact requirements are still a patchwork of somewhat educated guesses at best. Heck, I'm still not sure what exactly you need to unlock An Outing...


You can [redact] Aaran's little super secret special Mastery adventure, if that's deemed necessary ;).


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Could have specified that better, but, eh, that'd take effort...and I was feeling lazy :rolleyes:.

As for that modbase, any update on it's ETA? And, related to that, the ETA of the content update? I'm assuming the latter will come before the former so as to not release a typo-riddled mod base...

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