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Speculation on our Interview Host (spoilers from interviews)


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With the news that the last interview before launch will be the interview host I'm curious if anyone has figured out who she is yet. That may not be for a while yet as the team is still deciding if the Beta is good to go, which isn't the same as the launch proper, but we've had clues sprinkled into many of the interviews already. Here are the notes I've taken on possible hints to her identity:


  • “This ship has a lot of stairs, doesn't it…”

    • Mahan during Yavaz’s interview. Yuvaz was hiding from Mahan. Mahan ran all over the place looking for her.

    • Suggests a ship with many decks.

  • A large enough deck for golf driving range mats

    • Chiyoda interview, which prompts some “return fire” from Hyryuu that comes up in a later interview.

    • I’ve seen these sorts of mats in person. They aren't huge, but you can't swing a golf club in a cramped space. The deck must be somewhat open.

  • Lampo tinkered with the ship to make it go fast:

    • “We’re, um… going a little fast, don’t you think? Actually, we’re going quite fast. Faster than fast, even. Lampo, I really don’t think this ship is equipped to handle such speeds.” Mahan’s comments on Lampo’s work… before something gave way.

    • “Although the problem is minor, the turbine must be replaced in it's entirety. And the propellor shaft. And possibly all of the venting. And some of the bulkheads may be be breached.” Lampo’s comments on the damage her stunt caused.

      • The damage was bad enough that repairs were ongoing into next week’s interview with Nerpa.

    • “Don’t misunderstand - I would really rather not go that fast ever again, in my life - but I’m sorry your project didn’t work out. I know you worked hard on it.” Mahan’s retort. Apparently that was fast even for her. So, speeds that are high even for a Mahan class destroyer? Though it did cause damage so clearly not the host's recommended speed.

  • Easy access to motorboat

    • From Dunkerque interview. Doesn't go into great detail, but it seems like you could walk to a boat in the water alongside the ship.

    • Does still involve jumping off the deck though. Presumably not too high up as to be dangerous though.

    • Didn't go into details, but apparently easy enough to get back into the ship from the water.

  • Not the Mahan

    • Nubian interview: “Normally, he comes to me when I call him, but I’m afraid these strange surroundings and all of this commotion might have scared him.”

  • Host has a well stocked galley/kitchen

    • “I found rice! And sanshō pepper. Actually, that galley is really amazing. I found zunda and kidago, too! I have no idea what I'll use them for, but I took them anyway!” Kitakami has a big sea bass and went looking for seasonings in the host ship’s galley.

    • HNLMS De Ruyter interview: “Ja, indeed. The bread is called ontbijtkoek - it’s a type of Dutch gingerbread. The cooks aboard this ship were very accommodating, assisting me in locating all of the necessary ingredients. Gember, nootmuskaat - the list of spices is not short. I’ll need to thank them for their help before I leave.”

  • Pretty ship? “This ship is quite the beauty with lights on, isn’t it? And there you are, Captain. It’s nice to finally see your face.” Wicher during her interview after power was restored (bad storm knocked it out, ship was at anchor in port)

  • Seems to be pretty fancy: “Here’s another… napkin. I’ve never seen a ship with quite so many. And these doilies…” pola during her interview… punch Mahan in the nose for calling her adorable.

    • “At least the décor is lovely!” Hood interview, commenting on the host ship while going to search for the crew

  • Hosts a lot of functions? “The ship's photographers are busy with some sort of event, and said it would be a few minutes before anyone would be able to take a picture.” Nevada interview.

  • Possible reference to ship structure in Hood interview: “Hmmm, I hear something from above- let's have a look at the Top of Houses.”

  • Not a usual warship?: “I heard about the time you had with Avarice last week. The fact that she had so much success holding the crew aboard this ship in her thrall is unfitting and unbelievable, even for a ship of this type.” von Roeder

  • Clue as to country of origin?: “And I must say, the crew aboard this ship performed much better than I would have expected. Many of them were quite adept at communicating their thoughts in an insightful manner. I believe that shows a great deal of sincerity on their part - sincerity being, of course, being one of the Prussian virtues. She ought to be proud, but of course, she has German heritage, doesn't she? I shouldn't be surprised after all. Perhaps I will leave her one of my eagle feathers.” Von Roeder

  • “I also cleared it with her first...she's used to parties, although this particular style may be new to her.” New Orleans

  • Camicia Nera interview: seems to be access to the water below deck as Nera was able to do some target practice and at the end Mahan went up to the deck for some fresh air (Nera was smoking).

  • Host ship has a band, Le Triomphant interview

  • “The forward funnel may be climbed to her Voice. It will be strenuous, but that will reward in its own way.”, D’Aosta

    • “I never realized… *huff* … how tall… *huff*... these smoke stacks are” Mahan, same interview

    • “Heh, I shall return with it shortly. Keep lo Capiténo occupied while I’m gone, would you? I’ll be back soon.” D’Aosta going to get Mahan her promised coffee after finishing the climb. The “voice” apparently has access to other parts of the ship so climbing or using a hoist probably isn’t the only way there.

      • “...now we had better figure out how to get down from here!” Mahan same interview… maybe not an easy way down after all. Did D’Aosta do the climb again?!

  • More clues on the host ship? Not sure if these are present in every ship (Profintern interview): “What did you do to the wardroom?”, Mahan

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I've had a pretty damn good idea for a while now. I'm not sure about the indoor water access though. Also, thanks for compiling all the information into one easy to access place.

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And we know she isn't one of the interviewed Belles. Obvious, of course, but that's still a clue - negative as it is. I'm still maintaining it's a liner convert. There's a German liner it could be, too...





True, she isn't a warship in 1939, so I have nothing to pin this on but my own crazy gut instinct.



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It's plausable she could be RMS Queen Mary. Mary was a princess of Teck, her parents were German, and the ship was allegidly supposed to be called Victoria, who was of German descent.



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Pac, RA, if you have a theory, spit it out. I'm not interested in any "Oh yeah,that was what I expected all along" when it's announced if you haven't put your money where your mouth is. :P


Welly, that's another good possibility. Seems like I'm not the only one thinking this may not be a warship...or at least not one in '39! :)

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In my opinion it is not German liner only German auxiliary cruiser Handelsstörkreuzer.

Ships that can be this ship are: HSK "Komet", HSK "Michael", HSK-8 "Kormoran" or HSK "Thor"

But there are only two ships that have torpedo boats and which fit the description: HSK "Komet" and MS "Bielsko" /HSK "Michael" both were not war ships in 1939

Both ships fear and terror on the seas and are the most famous Handelsstörkreuzer.


Both has enough deck for golf driving range mats.


Both ships has a lot of stairs.


Both Easy access to motorboat.


Both host has a well stocked galley/kitchen.


Both hosts a lot of functions.


Both Pretty ship.


Both ship is equipped to handle such speeds.


HSK "Komet", HSK "Michael", HSK-8 "Kormoran" or HSK "Thor" visited Japan during WW2

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I don't have a theory DYM, just cautioning against the idea that "German Heritage" can only mean German. You never want to miss something just because you made an assumption.

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I don't have a theory DYM, just cautioning against the idea that "German Heritage" can only mean German. You never want to miss something just because you made an assumption.

That's why my idea is the Queen Mary, whose namesake has german heritage, and who was almost named queen Victoria, whose father was German, not to mention the fact that she married a German.

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What does "Top of houses" mean? I couldn't find a naval translation for it. Or is it realy the roof?

Can no one help me? :(


To participate in the speculations: What about the ships turned over under the treaty of Versailles and still in service in 1939? I'm sure there were some.


It also sounds very (veeeeery) thin in my head to call it "german heritage" to be named after a half german queen of england (and so forth). Even if the royal family has a german surname to this day. (Not Teck, the other other one.)

German heritage would for me be more like the story of the Yavuz or if the design was german, or the builders...... but only the name has some loose connection to germany? I'm not convinced and would be kinda irritated if that counted as german "heritage".


Also what is our host ship ingame later on? Is she obtainable? Is she in a special role?

If it is the RMS Queen Mary it probably is a special role or will we have to use troop transports later in the game? Is she the official meeting ship of the INPF? (and if so will a french person ever set foot on it or will they only go alongside with the Normandie.)

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I'm not quite sure on "top of houses", but her voice is almost certainly her foghorn, of which Queen Mary had a large one. Also, of all the ships presented in this thread, I'm pretty certain Queen Mary is the only on with her foghorn on a platform on the forward stack that could be climbed to. Hence why the D'Aosta interview pretty much confirmed it for me, as they climb the first stack up to her voice.

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Well that puts a wrench in things. For most conventional thinkers, that would rule out the Queen mary. However, she was converted with minor armament as a troop ship, and Kancolle has ships like Mamiya that aren't combat ships on their own, but support the fleet. I still think Queen Mary is in the running.

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Thank you most honorable Legate for this insight. Of course you can't comment on the host.


Leaves me with 3 small Cruisers and 2 Aircraftmotherships AND the Queen Mary which I will still not rule out. So, a dieroll? Nah I just wait for the next Interviews. :ph34r:

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Both Queen Mary and SS Sharnhorst/Shinyo wouldn't have been militarized on Sept 1, 1939, though, Pac. I think we're likely both wrong and that we're providing the staff great levity as we flail blindly in anticipation. Still, if that is a service I can provide this wonderful creative team, then a jester I shall be! :wacko:


Sticking with SS Sharnhorst/Shinyou to the obscure end... B)

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Hmmm...I guess you're right that Rawalpindi wouldn't have been militarized until after Sept 1, 1939. I think the betting markets for Queen Mary just spiked. Still sticking with Shinyou, though. I'm not one to change horses mid race. :-)




I kinda take this back. Rawalpindi was already being converted in late Aug 1939.



Naval service[edit]

Rawalpindi was requisitioned by the Admiralty on 26 August 1939 and converted into an armed merchant cruiser by the addition of eight elderly 6 in (150 mm) guns and two 3 in (76 mm) guns. She was set to work from October 1939 in the Northern Patrol covering the area around Iceland. On 19 October in the Denmark Strait, Rawalpindi intercepted the German tanker Gonzenheim (4,574 grt), which had left Buenos Aires on 14 September. The tanker was scuttled by her crew before a boarding party could get on board.[3]


Queen Mary, however, wasn't converted until much, much later. Late 1940 in Australia. That would not make her militarized until '40 instead of '39. So there's nothing setting Queen Mary apart from SS Sharnhorst.

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  • 2 weeks later...

New information:  

  • The hostess has civilians. (from Update #64: Maass.  Emphasis mine.)

I successfully boarded the ship, vase in hand. I navigated past the deck (slick after having been waxed), through a horde of travelers (all of them carrying parcels larger than my own), and around a spilt trash bin (which seemed to have contained a curious number of banana peels). I’d nearly reached my destination when I rounded a corner… and collided with a crew member.

...Currently a liner, perhaps...;)

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