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Speculation on our Interview Host (spoilers from interviews)


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7 hours ago, PizzaRocket said:

Anyone else catch that hint about finding the host in engineering? That mean anything to anyone?

I read it, that there is wine, not the host, in engineering. Something to do with the dropped bottle of wine earlier perhaps?

Also, if it's a passenger ship atm I put my money on SS Scharnhorst. I'm still not comfortable with the faint "german heritage" thing of the HMS Queen Mary.


Edit: I just noticed something strangely specific from the 金剛   interview: You can see Osaka to the east when going up in a Balloon. And a good portion to the West of Osaka is: Kure. And now guess where  NDL Scharnhorst was around the 01.09.1939? Yes, Kure. Since the host was also in Alaska I don't know how important location really is. But from now on I will stick to my conspiracy theory and thus join Dr. Yuri Mom, who lives near my good friend Dr. Erik since a few weeks by coincidence. XD

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