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Background Heritages & Languages


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Apologies if this is the wrong board, it seemed the most apt. I've seen it mentioned that your background heritages can effect the summer holiday and lead to travel times (implying that people with heritage are from that area - not just descended from peole from that area.)

If this is the case, why don't the heritage backgrounds give you any skills in those regions native languages?

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I mean, you do GET the skill despite not having any points in it. So if you choose the Meril background you have Merilien right off the bat. Although it does add some hilarity considering that you were born and raised there and your Merilien can't pass the "Je m'appelle" stage (which is what I consider a zero skill level)

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I think you can get a skill for Merilien in apprenticeship: Page I believe ? Or one of those, I remember that a background did increase Merilien.

As for Background yeah it's a shame. I can understand why they did this, starting with 10 in your native language would have been too good for a single point and made Renaglian Background (or no Background) useless.

Tough this is realistic not everything is equal afterall. And now we are stuck in a bizarre situation where your character may not speak a language s/he should know.

I know there is an adventure that has a Merilien skill check and there's probably some others.

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I think the Legate explained that the language skill where we start getting skills is on a slightly higher level than that of kids who learned the basics.

That said I agree that being from a place should give you at least a few skill points in that language. The study of language can be about dialects, accents, historical changes to the language and knowledge of older version for reading books written in older forms of a language. Some of the books and other things you find are centuries old.

Not even the professors are fluent with a deep understanding of all the major languages. Sometimes they have things translated for them when their personal skills arn't enough.

Some of our students will be nearly godlike in their broad knowledge of all things scholarly compared to the average NPC students that mostly focus on stumbling through school trying to survive their classes and certain personal pet projects and interests. Then again, those super students of ours, are the product of going through the first year over and over again until we learn how to maximise our first year and become the best we could possibly become.

Our students eventually become like the main protagonist of "Edge of tomorrow" repeating the same cycle of time till we perfect our course and accomplish the impossible.

Just imagine if that keeps up for 5 years, eventually we will have one of the greatest wizards of all time, especially after they spend a few years in the real world gaining experience on top of a maximised academic education in magic.

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