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Captain's Association, Round 48: Vote by Sunday, 6/11, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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6 hours ago, Rollo said:

B1 can never have to many battleships unless there's a submarine on the enemy team, Then just add more battleships.

Yum. More targets!

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2 hours ago, PizzaRocket said:

This one was a contest, but if I count right we're in for a German commerce raider this week.

Gneisenau 12, Takao 10, Orion 5, Salmon 2, Galicia 2, Libertad 1, Ternyuu 1.

Yeah, until yesterday both Takao and Gneisenau were tied with 10 votes each... And aren't Libertad and Galicia the same ship?

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