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Update 68: Takao


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1 hour ago, Ninjapacman said:

Finally, @DrYuriMom, Takao's sister is Chokai, whereas Chikuma is Tone's sister.

Ooops.  The hazards of posting from memory, always a dangerous proposition as I push 50, on my dinky phone screen.  Thanks for the assist and keeping me honest. :-)

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7 hours ago, RockyArby said:

There's no formal origin for the phrase but one popular theory is that, since the name Joe is used in reference to a typical man (Joe Schmoe, GI Joe, etc), it was an advertisement campaign to associate Coffee as the Typical working man's drink in contrast to the Teas and Cappuccino of the Aristocrats of Europe.

I just realised if you'd put that "typical man" reference to a drink in effect in germany you'd end up most probably with a cup of Euro95 petrol. XD

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I really like how she looks. Especially the Naginata that she's wielding. The fem-samurai armor also looks cool, (if impractical). The short hair with the long ponytail reminds me of Yuna from FFX. Of all the Japanese ships released so far, she's the one I want the most. But I'm going to be starting British so I can get my Saguenay. Going to take a while to get Takao.

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21 hours ago, DrYuriMom said:

And here I thought for sure it would have to do with beer.  You Germans are a disappointment... :P


If you want the cup/beverage of the german "Joe" you would find it to be a "cup of otto".
The "average joe" in german is "Otto Normalverbraucher" (Otto Normalconsumer).

One explanaition is it originated in a filmfigure by th name Otto in a post WWII movie about a man who has to arrange with coming back from war and getting foodstamps for a "Normalverbraucher". The movie ("Berliner Ballade", 1948) was quite popular at the time and if you ever saw the Bond movie "Goldfinger": Otto Normalverbraucher was played by Gerd Fröbe. I learned about it 5 years ago and it's on wikipedia. But it has a flaw: As far as I know it there were no foddstamps titled "Normalverbraucher". But it's a movie, they maybe made that up.

However the other explanation and the one I refer to has to do with cars. It's the one I learned first as a child: A normal worker usually drives or drove a car with a four-stroke combustion engine which uses the petrol referred until a few years ago as "Normalbenzin" (Normalpetrol) or short "Normal". And in germany a four-stroke combustion engine that uses petrol and not diesel is called an Ottomotor. One of the inventors of the four-stroker had that last name.
Recently the "Normal" vanished from the market (dunno why) and Euro95 or as we call it in german "Super" became the standard petrol.
Why had Joe Normal an Ottoengine? Diesel is cheaper to refill but the car is more expensive to buy. Only people who travel long distances with the car considered it. And "Super" and "Super plus" were considered for richer people and fancier cars and always more expensive than "Normal". So a average german drove a car with Ottomotor and consumed "Normal" with it.

So that's how you get from a cup of coffee to a cup of petrol. And just for the sake of completeness: If you go with the Movie version it would probably be a cup of milk, since coffee and tea were only occasionally available.
The beer thing is a totally different story. ;) 

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