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Captain's Association Duo: Mahan and Leningrad Voting

Legate of Mineta

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Hi ho!


Option 3, please! I'll place my reason in a spoiler, as to not influence others:


While we had the pleasure of seeing both Leningrad and Mahan interact with one another once more, the Captain only witnessed the final conflict - he didn't follow the missinterpretation that Leningrad had out of Mahan's words (the "tidy sum" was just the bonus for the photographer's good skills at doing his job). We, as an audience, know the full picture and would follow accordingly (hence why many are choosing 1 to defend mahan).  As for the Captain, he'll mostly see a conflict between two equal sides.


Also, i'll place my "fan-fiction" regarding this particular choice.

Hoping you enjoy the piece ;-)


*The Captain brings up a thin coin from his pocket*

Leningrad: A coin? This will be interesting.

Mahan: Captain, why are you resorting to chance? Leningrad is clearly in the wrong here.

Captain: Her point on profit from wars isn't ,Mahan. Both of you are defending reasonable points, so i cannot entirely dismiss either of you. Luck will grant an equal chance to both of you, right?

Leningrad: That's our Captain: playing by the safe side for everyone's sake.

Mahan: *Sigh* Alright, Captain. Flip the coin.


 *Mahan stares at the coin with hopeful eyes. Leningrad watches the Captain as his open palm hovers around to meet the coin*

*The coin lands between the Captain's fingers, staying on edge*

Leningrad: Well...didn't see that one coming.

Mahan: How... how did it land like this? What is the veredict, Captain?

Captain: *Sigh* What luck decided: all of them.

Officer Halko: Won't Mr. Steichen feel confused with the opposite signs, Captain?

Captain: I'll remind him on his arrival to address me should he feel confused with anything. Don't worry about it.

Mahan:  What worries me is how will he be feeling during his stay here.

Leningrad: I'm confident he'll be on his best behaviour.

Captain: Belles, Officer Halko, please post the signs quickly. I'm needed elsewhere. And please, be nice to one another, okay?

Mahan: Well, if you ask so, Captain... Leningrad, pick those signs and let's hustle already.

Leningrad: And why would i be carrying the bigger cluster?

Mahan: Because i'll be baking that cheesecake, after all...

Leningrad: Fufufu...

Mahan:... as dessert for everyone's dinner.

Leningrad: Oh, come on!

Officer Halto: Hoho! Thank you for your kindness, Ms. Mahan.

Mahan: Just being as fair as the Captain. Or should i ask for his coin toss instead?

Leningrad: Urgh, fine. I feel i would lose the coin toss anyway.

*As the three left the room, the Captain flips his coin again, landing it between the curled fingers of his closed hand*

Captain: Hehe... glad i've met that magician on our previous stop.


Edit: Oh, and one request, Legate. In the future, please leave a link to the update regarding the duo that's being voted upon. Thanks in advance!

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Option 4: Support both of them and allow both posters to be put up.

Reason being that we should all be free to express our views - the photos may help, but he's also profiting from the tragedy that is war. Both of these are accurate, and the opinion of both Belles is valid. It's our ability to have different points of view and still work together that is our strength, and we should endeavour to allow both Mahan and Leningrad to make their case to others, who will also be free to decide who they agree with, if any.

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The coin toss it is!!! Looking forward to what they will bring up.

And Legate, do show them my version if you could, please. Even if for just for the laughs.

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