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Selling Steam Backgrounds Separately?


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I was wondering if Black Chicken Studios would be able to sell the desktop backgrounds/steam themes that are used as Steam prizes separately. I have completed my Academagia Steam badges, yet did not get a complete set of such backgrounds. I would gladly pay some money for a complete set. That way, I could decorate my gaming computer's desktop with either the most interesting art, that of Aranaz, or the art of my favourite college: Morvidus!

Would there be legal obstacles were Black Chicken Studios to do this?

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If your talking about the Profile backgrounds then you get a random one each time you collect all collector card (Yes you can do this at last 5 times maybe even more often). Some people might sell them but the game developer is also limited to generate them the same way as other game owner.

That is one of the reason why some companies generate lot of bot accounts gift their games to this accounts and then earn money from sell the trading cards, something that Valve see as bad behavior they have to wipe out by now.  (It looks like many people play this game for hours and so it should recommend to other player but actual its just fake accounts from the developer)

Edit: I just did a search and there at last some of the profile backgrounds in the steam market at moment so I wonder why you ask the developer for selling them?

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