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How is the Development of the UI for Y2 Going?


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Can you at least state if the team does indeed have an internal release plan, without stating said plan? Does the team have a "soft" extendable deadline or are they just following the same philosophy we've been told for years "It'll be ready when it's ready"?

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Some of the named upperclassman bullies are the Marchant brothers. Phillipe's older siblings. They aren't simulated, but given how much a new player has to take in, including memorizing all the first year students names and personalities... and other data, I don't think it matters too much.

That being said, I think it was already confirmed that they won't show up in simulation in Y2 either, though I would bet that several important upperclassmen will show up in the stories. The Legate has said that when the upperclassmen are done they will show up quite suddenly. My money is on that being done in Y3. It seems like the best time to do it because then you'll have an equal number of upper and lower classmen.

The game requires a LOT (and by that I mean a gigaton) of writing, and the team prefers focusing on stories that continue on for the full 5 years. It seems like a lot of effort to me to create 5th year students in Y1 that really wouldn't interact with lowly 1st years very much, and will also not be around for years 2-5.  I don't speak for the team but based on how long it's taken for Y2 to come out I'd bet if they did everything to the extent to please everyone they'd still be writing Y1's story right now.

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2 hours ago, Metis said:

Less load would be not having such characters at all, at least simulated. Balancing the AI tables of a randomized Class would be a nightmare...

To say nothing about how one would write generic stories for uninspired random characters. You can't just randomly generate stories and backgrounds, they have to be hand crafted. That's a lot of the charm of Academagia. Not even going to go into the art assets required to pull that off, either. I'd take 80+ hand crafted characters (more including the professors) and stories over hundreds of pregenerated characters that you'll forget about after you start the next game.

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