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1 hour ago, DrYuriMom said:

The image that keeps coming to mind for Kirsten is that nutcase femme fatale from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Dr Elsa Schneider.  Makes me want to take a bullwhip to her... :P

It's almost as if she might be a reference... maybe BCS put in an Easter egg...

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1 & 7 sound like a way of getting new equipment early with kagawa get a new plane and abbott some sort of weapon like maybe working torpedo.

4 is kinda risky with no guarantee of it working also sounds like it just a way of getting favor from the russians

the rest i belive are just ways of getting favor with relevant nations


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-US option - $/scrap for US getting +bonus guns in '45

-GB option - $/ships for extra intel level

-FR option - $/influence for extra crew

-USSR opt - *Irrelevant by design*

-GER option- $/belle/scrap for ship dmg bonus

-ITA option - $ for morale

-JAP option- $ for JAP aeroresearch

-INPF opt - $ for influence

-last option - no $, no discounts



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