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Mentor Oan adventure line question


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Hi all, I have been following my mentor adventures with Oan. I just completed the "One more meeting with Oan" Adventure.

I can follow up this last adventure with "Search the abandoned for a hint of a secret door".

This adventure line is now black in color.

Should I concentrate on the green adventures that are in my adventure list now, until my odds/skills are better?

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Eh...no, I don't see an error in what I said? The list of adventures is color-coded the same way that rolls are, but since adventures tend to start with a stage that doesn't require any sort of roll the initial adventure stages (there are exceptions) tend to show up as green. Anything beyond that depends on what skills you have. I've had at least one situation where a green adventure opened up with a wall of purple after what's usually called the "zeroth" stage. That was fun.

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