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How goes the Progress for Y2?


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Yup. I'm sure the Beta for Y2 will emerge before we hear of the converter.


In any case, Legate... How is Y2's UI developing? I still haven't seen a new map of Mineta surface on Deviant Art.I would think that such a thing would be posted there if it exists, but since the Team is so blasted secretive it could go either way.

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@Legate of Mineta: What would qualify as a portion of a steady trickle of updates that could be listed to the public. Also, it is wrong that I am encouraged by the fact that your words are "not yet" rather than merely "no"?

I assume that "strike the earth!" is a Dwarf Fortress reference. I play not that game, but love the idea of such a detailed game - with such detailed development logs.

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