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How goes the Progress for Y2?


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So just wondering, if y2 were to do well, would y3 come faster or slower? Would that team add more stuff with the money thus meaning we'll get y3 at 3035 or would it be much faster then 9 years? Pls tell me it will be faster........ I don't think I can wait 9y per instalment......... 

Also what's your definition of "well"? 100,000 sales?

also do you think we'll get y2 before 2025?

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Also I find the Dwarf Fortress discussions amusing because we have no high ground to poke fun of a game for being to complected and hard to learn.  I've played the game for hundreds of hours and I couldn't do my let's play thread without the wiki.

Speaking of which, will adventures in year 2 give you any information besides the title when you select them, such as a short description a la the locations?

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Just wondering legate

are you involved in the development of y2 or does the team just send you info? That would certainly explain a whole lot when I look at older treads with everyone so excited for y2 release in a moths or next year.............. Back in 2013

also was your thoughts in the past that y2 was gonna be released soon caused by the team thinking it was going to be like that and told you it but never expected the long development time or just your own thoughts?

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@Legate of Mineta: Will I have to wait one year before knowing whether Y2 will be released within two years?

@Raydestroyer: There is a policy that any forum member who asks for a quotation from Y2's text will get a brief excerpt from it. Few take them up on the offer, but I did a few months ago (in the A Few In-Game Questions thread) and received some interesting lore about Malkstrang, Professor Sido, and Legate Orsi.

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