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How goes the Progress for Y2?


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The big question is if there still enough people active watching Academagia who might be willing to regular pay for something on Patreon. BCS discouraged many people by now because Y2 need so extrem long, if they set up a Patreon short after the Steam release for Y2 it might have worked. (If my RPG is of any relevance it was only visited by 9 people per page I made and some of them from BCS them self)

Also people want something in return for the money they spend, what will cost BCS extra time. BCS, unlike some other people on Patreon, have to pay taxes so it becomes a difficult balance to not even end in a netto lost for them.

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5 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


It's more interesting/complex than a simple list.

Would you care to elaborate? And fear not - I am not seeking to include an option for the PC to fight a creature completely disconnected from the setting - such as a killer robot shooting lasers from its eyes.

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Every time Academia.edu emails to tell me that someone has cited a paper by someone with the same name as me I read the sender as Academagia and am excited that there is an update... and then I'm sad when I actually click on the email and it is trash.

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