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How goes the Progress for Y2?


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A glimpse of the Future!

Earth 2 approximately 5 billion AD....

Reporter: Thank you for allowing us this interview, most revered elder.

"*Albert*": I thought it might be interesting if I'm lucky, I've done everything else there is to do, maybe you will surprise me. That would be gold!

Reporter: You probably know what our next question will be, what is it like to live that long? What kind of ambition or was it possibly a strong fear of death which drove you to become the first ever and oldest known immortal?

"*Albert*": I was so worrried about not getting to play the final game of my "favrite" game series, the development of each game took roughly a decade! And there was supposed to be at least 5 of them.

Reporter: I'm not sure what type of game you're refering to, probably something pre-historic, before our time. Want to tell us more?

"*Albert*":For certain, there have been several mass extinctions and civilisations since... This isn't even our first planet even if most people seem to think so...

Reporter: Earth isn't our home?

"*Albert*": Earth was... This is Earth 2, most knowledge of our history prior to this planet got lost in the fifth great war of this world when 99.9% of the population and most tech got wiped out by nuclear and bioweapons, millions of years later what had been left had eroded away or been recycled.

Reporter: So, what is your greatest regret in all this time? Not being able to save the world?

"*Albert*": I never got to play the fifth game, it was never made to the best of my knowledge, the studio just dissapeared. 

*a Long silence followed*

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Just so long as you don't keep adding tinder, Legate. The forum is liable to burn to ashes if the news is mishandled. I'm even trying to figure out how to have my sigi play Handel automatically when that happens. It's what happens after a massive drought, haha.

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1 hour ago, Schwarzbart said:

From my Understanding we will have all the basic magic again in year 2 but with different or higher focus.

So there is again Astrology, Glamour, Incantation and Revision but what the focus for the other 2 college (Aranaz & Vernin) will be, is still beyond me.

I thought it was already confirmed that Aranaz and Vernin will get Orthography and Artifice as a core class respectively and they will replace Calligraphy and Enchant.

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