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8 hours ago, DrYuriMom said:

In 1939 Turkey had been a republic for almost 20 years but was still essentially Muslim in character.  Muslims, at least those who submit fully to Allah, are forbidden alcohol.  It may be that the Grande Dame abstains out of respect to her adoptive country.  A great sacrifice for a German, I know, but the Turks give her great respect in return.

As I sit here I am reminded of the Janissaries.  The original expert warriors and administrators, not the decadent buffoons they had become by the end of the Ottoman Empire.  Christian children who were converted and treated as noble slaves.  I wonder how much that mold reflects Goeben?

Let's just point out that the latest crack down on Raki by the current turkish President had reportedly two effects: More home made Raki and more dead by bad home made Raki. And I doubt it would be the case if "back in the old days" there was no Raki consumption among the people. But that's too only speculation. And any turk with some insight who stumbles across this post can happily correct me.

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8 hours ago, von_Lipstig said:
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>Will we? Certainly not. Never put aside an advantage.

>>*Drinking sth anti-alcoholic*


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Ark Royal/Hood/Takao/Pola/Houston/Axum/U-29



Good point.

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On 25.02.2018 at 10:06 PM, Käpt'n Korky said:

And did someone say Żubrówka? All I hear is Grasovka @Shirogane(pulls out a bottle, glasses and the music)


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Okay, so I started the sophisticated task of forming two fleets for the manoeuvre “Löchrige Luftmatratze”.

For starters I took my favourite list. It gives me the ten Walküren I like most which has two major advantages. They're all Walküren I really like and I just need to fill in the “gaps”. Also it is a valid list if it is decided to make it a ship based vote, not a fleet based one.

So I miss one carrier. I also like Ark Royal very much and I got a “Wunderwaffe”.... data on how popular certain Walküren are.... and the most liked carrier of all is: Ark Royal! So I choose Ark Royal.

Now on to the two U-Boote. Just to give Fif a reason to cheer the other side and my Wunderwaffe tells me she's very much the most liked U-Boot I choose Nerpa. And I like her. For reasons Fif hates her.

Now the second U-Boot is deeper hidden in my mind. Please follow me in these depths. My obvious first choice is my most liked, purple haired U-Bootwalküre U-29. But a big problem. I like her so much I don't want to pull her away from her important searches for answers. Also I'm sure it would be unfair to the opposing fleet. Next comes to mind Surcouf.... but for similar reasons I don't like her exposed like that. She's probably on the run (again) and exposing her in an manoeuvre, it's even an annoucend one, is too risky. So I got no preference for the remainin 4.... but the Wunderwaffe strikes again! Axum is actually the third most liked U-Boot of them all. So why not. Axum is on the list. A soviet/italian pairing. Goes completely against intuition, but that's precisely the reason why it sounds like fun.

Sooo. One ship missing. Two Schlachtschiffe, the ones I like the most by far. Check!

Two Flugzeugträger, also my favourites. Check!

Two U-Boote, decided in a very.... interesting way. Check!

Hm, four Kreuzer and three Zerstörer..... hm one Zerstörer is missing, if I want at least at first glance even teams. And hey, the french missing completely! I ponder my options: LT, MB or Verdun. LT is right out, because I can't relate to her as well as to the cute Maille-Breze and the serious Verdun..... but I can't decide between those two either.... so I write up the teams.

One centered around Scharnhorst and one around Gneisenau. Hm... Ark Royal seems to be a type working well with Gneisenau. So I put her there. Hiriyu goes to Scharnhorst. I wonder if that makes sense. Hm, I don't want anyone to hate the Gneis team, so I put Nerpa with Scharnhorst, since she invokes strong emotions too with other people. Leaves Axum to Scharnhorst. And you know who would reeeally well fit in Gneisenaus team? D'Aosta. I think they will like each other. So D'Aosta goes there. I look at my fleets so far and think. Wait a minute. There's a pattern: What if I choose the more level headed ones for Gneis and the others..... more impulsive for Scharnhorst. Yes. Very good. So Kirov, New Orleans (both obvious me thinks) and Espero (can't keep her fingers to herself) with Scharnhorst. And De Ruyter, who's chill, serious and a good cook, and Hans Lüdemann, also serious and level headed with Gneisenau. Also if you combine the sarcasm of Hannah with the humour of Ark you will get perfection.

So one last task... fitting that french Zerstörer into the fleet. And Leberecht Maass. She's careful but then very tipsy... So if I choose Maille-Breze who fits good with the Scharnhorst bunch, she'll go to Gneis. If I choose the more serious Verdun, which fits good into the Gneis squad, she'll go to Scharn. .... a surprising big amount of checking and thinking I notice if I put Lebi with Gneis, there will be two German Zerstörer. I don't like the idea. I like it better to have one on each side. So I choose Verdun and be done.

The only regret I have is I couldn't field more Walküren. Because there sure are a bunch more I'd like to see in action.

Both versions are correct only Grasovka is a changed name for German fans of this alcohol. I know this song and I like Die Toten Hosen I have been to their concerts in Poland a few times.

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HMS Ark Royal.                                      USS Lexington (CV-2)

R.N. Axum                                              Shch-205 Nerpa
Adua-Class Submarine                          V-bis 2-class submarine

Gneisenau                                               USS Mississippi (BB-41)
Scharnhorst-Class Battleship                  New Mexico-Class Battleship

Algérie                                                      Profitern
Algérie-Class Heavy Cruiser                   Svetlana-Class Light Cruiser

La Motte-Picquet                                          USS Boise (CL-47)
Duguay-Trouin Class Light Cruiser              Brooklyn-Class Light Cruiser

Camicia Nera                                                Leningrad
Soldati-Class Destroyer

Velasco                                                         USS Mahan (DD-364)

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