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Videos about Germany prior to 1933

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I found a couple of not very well made but very interesting videos about Weimar Germany. 
The videos give an idea how troubled the republic between 1919 and 1933 really was.

If I find better quality I will post it here. And if someone else finds them, please post them here.

First off: The communist uprising against the republic, months after the communist uprising against the Kaiserreich.



Then we have a right wing putsch.....



...which turns the Ruhr red:



A few years later Belgium pays a visit .... together with France 



Please tell me if you find this interesting or redundant. Thank you.

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re is an additional one. But as the author states at the end: It's only about politics and economy. If you look closely you can find the reason why Germany went down hard, harder, the hardest in 1929.
If I find a video about the blooming culture in the "Golden Weimar Age" I make sure to link it here as well.



Also I got at least one video on the cinematic side of culture:




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Some of you might've noticed it already, but there are two YT channels now covering, among other things, post-WW 1 and pre-WW 2 Germany. Or will cover it.
One is the Time Ghost Channel and the other the The Great War channel which has moved on from the actual war and now covers what came after.
Here are the links to the appropiate playlists:



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This is it. This is the turning point.

A few things I'd like to add:
The Altona incident was very important to the Nazis own mythology. I read the Abel letters and a lot of Nazis mention it in a very "this was the uniting moment, where we found ultimate resolve to stand together against the forces destroying Germany" tone. And some even acknowledge that a) the police = the state was against them in that moment but b) had finally come to terms with the Nazis saving Germany.

The move Göring made in the Reichstag (by being completely caught off guard, stubborness or cleverness, idc) actually was a sign to the public that you could make politics with the Nazis. Think about it: He tried to protect the Reichstag and he held a vote of no confidence against THE representant of the "old" Germany and it was a proposal by the KPD, the communists he eventually put through, although it was immaterial. It was a very misleading sign, but it helped consolidating their voting numbers against the negative impact of street violence. Oh and he broke the rules of the Reichstag by ignoring von Papen.... so yo ucan say the Nazis ignored it the moment they gained any power in it. But that's a truck full of hindsight.

At the same time it showed (also falsely) that the Communists were actually the only force standing up if not for democracy, at least against all forces trying to destroy it, also giving them something positive in contrast to the negative impact of street violence caused by them and the Nazis on their image.

Btw Hinderburg and von Papen had anticipated the commie move, by pre signing a dissolution order which only needed a date on it. That's how it only took 30 minutes to get it ready and into the Reichstag. Ironically its reason was "the try of the Reichstag to abolish my (the presidents) decree from November 4th" .... which did not exist.... yet?

The Center party btw are not centrists, but political catholicism. They lost almost all voters after the CDU managed to form their idea in an all-chistian party, making the "Zentrumspartei" pretty much obsolete.

Where the video stops is, what did von Papen have to say? If you saw the video, the only planned topic for the session was originally his declaration of government.
Since there was no Reichstag in session anymore, he gave it via radio. 
In short summary:
He complains how the Reichstag mistreated his government.
He pats himself on the back for getting rid of reparations, without mentioning the 3 billion end payment (which he would've mentioned in the Reichstag along with heavily scolding the other nations.)
Everyone talks about disarmament, but only Germany has to forcefully disarm itself in a world full of gunnuts. No wonder the Germans are afraid and at the same time don't believe their state can protect them. Von Papen actually heavily references Mussollini on this who declared that Italy is the only "Versaille state" to take Germanys concerns serious.
He uses this to bridge from "Germany the suffering" (economically for the world, but the world does nothing for Germany) to "look how well my government handled economical reconstruction".
On a personal note I'm a bit shocked how often he uses the word "social" here.... I thought that was a thing only after the foundation of the Bundesrepublik, but already in Weimar, even the most right wing monarchists had to signal with it not to be some "unsocial" coldhearted monster. Even if they were anyways.
(In short: He's social, because he fights unemployment. His opinion, not a fact.)
Von Papen then give the German economy runners, company bosses, whatever you call them, a carte blanche. Wow. (The free development of the economy will not be hindered by the government. The wording comes accross more drastic in German.)
And then comes the good part: Weimar Republic is a failure and has to be replaced! 
He proposes a system similar to modern France, where the president is sometimes called "elected monarch", but with even less parliamentary power, no parties at best and the voting age lifted above University age. So at least 25 or older. He enviosions a (paraph.) "all-German strong leader with only the best for Germany on his mind".

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