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KS Update: Death and Taxes!?


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Ah the only certainties in life. Number 3 please. I need Henley not confined to the brig for tax evasion. Err. Dry dock rather. It amuses me to note that Boise and I share several hobbies. Hmmm... might need to make sure she's on the acquisition list. 

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> Apparently, the United States government has decided that you’re close enough to American citizens that any money you make can be taxed.

Dat phrasing :P

> The larger the belt buckle, the more in charge people assume you are. At least, that’s how it is in Texas. I could make you a buckle the size of your face. 


> My money all comes from the various cheerleading exhibitions I put on for the fleet. You know how busy I am, keeping the crews in good spirits. 

Dat phrasing (2) :P

> Situation report: Henley sure does like sandwiches. 


>...they should recall what happens when you insult a Gascon...

then why it is titled Death and Taxes ?


BTW, where's the Vote / status ?


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You know, speaking of income... if the girls are officers technically... shouldn't they be drawing pay? Some kind of "allowance" or something for personal items for sake of their morale and comfort. They're ships yes but they're sapient beings too after all. 

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4 hours ago, TwoHeavens said:

Triumphant reveal eh? That sounds promising.

Legate got a raise.

As a patriotic american captain, I would choose #3, natürlich. However, luckily I'm far from such a delirious state of mind.
So I choose Option #1, because I like the money in my fleet to stay in my fleet. And as a German I can think of a lot of nice places money is kept warm and safe. How about a Dutch Pancake, with Swiss cheese and a double Liechtensteiner Luxemburg Sandwich? Naming loopholes is nearly as much fun as finding them. And if that doesn't help I'll convert my money into Sloty, which will make the IRS think I spend it all on a certain kind of women, but I don't care what they think. I care about the Money in Germoney.

And can that Béarn bit please, please, please result in an eternal grudge against Belfast ingame, of which Belfast has no idea where it's coming from?

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