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Consequences of the Gift of the Familiar?


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I have a series of questions about the Gift of the Familiar and the related emotion Bereft.

1. Will players who use Gift of the Familiar be able to gain a familiar in Y2?

2. Can players who, through some fortune, are able to use the Gift of the Familiar in order to get rid of Mr. Pebbles, avoid gaining the emotion Bereft in Y2?

3. If a player use the Gift of the Familiar to get rid of a familiar during Y2 and get no new familiar, would this impact the character's performance in Y2's Advanced Familiar Course?

4. What are the penalties of Bereft?

5. Is there a popular belief in-universe that only evil mages use the Gift of the Familiar when not dealing with extreme circumstances?

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Point of order, but despite it's description Bereft is an Ability, not an Emotion. It's description reads as follows:


Your Familiar is gone. You're now stronger, faster, maybe even smarter than you were when you weren't alone, but there's a wound where your Bond used to be, and it's not healing quickly.

You may never have another Familiar again.

As for your questions,

1. See above (spoiler, the answer's no).

2. IIRC using Gift of the Familiar to get rid of Mr. Pebbles is considered an exploit, and shouldn't be possible.

3. I imagine there's more to that course than just "this is how you better handle your Familiar", but if not, Bereft would be GG for that class.

4. See 1 (minus the spoiler).

5. Evil or insane, I'd imagine. Otherwise please explain to me how someone who unnecessarily eats the soul of their Familiar can be considered a rational, good person.

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@Metis: Given the in-universe benefits of absorbing a familiar's soul, as well as the problems that familiars can cause for their mages (such as being noisy, expensive, vulnerable to attack, etc.,), I think that using the Gift of the Familiar would be very rational, although very coldhearted. Since Familiars are more like people than not, it would be seen as cruel act, even in a world such as Cyve where there are no major animal rights ideologies.

@Legate of Mineta: Did @Metis give the correct answer?

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