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Proposed Patch for Y1


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9 hours ago, Schwarzbart said:

Oratory 9 have [Character & Instructor Relationship]Character/Self/Instructor/Choice of Instructor] instead of a random Instructor, sadly choice of don't work as reward during SS / skill increase.

@Rhialto this bug could be fixed easily by the BCS team, we even could fix this with the old Mod tools.

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I'm putting together a spreadsheet of typos, bugs, lore inconsistencies, etc. that I'm noticing as I play, since I'm finding enough that it would be unwieldy to post them all separately here. I thought I'd let you know, Legate, in case Y2 is anywhere nearby on the horizon - please inform us before you finalize the last Y1 patch so I can submit everything I've found so far at that time, if I haven't already.

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