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Why are you avoiding the Steam forums? (Legate/mods)


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I understand! :) I was just curious since there aren't that many posts, especially compared to the questions and new topics here - 9 posts for the past three months for example (starting counting at June), that's basically 3 topics per month. And some Steam users do look at the Steam forum activity before buying, so having a mod pop in there from time to time does help boost the sales. Or at least I make sure the game isn't abandoned if it's going to have a direct sequel, ssince it's kind of strange if devs completely ignore one game while working on the next, or it has some standing issues (which isn't quite the case here since I know you're working/considering a last patch to fix the last few found bugs). Now I know this game isn't abandonded and the the support is here, however not everyone manages to notice the stickied thread for some reason, or perhaps wants to make an account here, as can be seen from several posts asking for help there.  Or the discussions like "this game is abandonded" when the case isn't so, and they just didn't notice that you're active here or didn't care, so it might give a bad rep to some potential buyers or current owners, which isn't right, so I'd thought I'd raise some awareness. 

Perhaps renaming the stickied topic could help, if you're still set on not using the forums?

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57 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


Well, I'll certainly raise it up to the Team- we can certainly look at dusting it off. But I'd guess that you wouldn't see any activity over there until Y2 release- just based on time. :)

May Y2's Release come before Metteya Buddha"s. lol.

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