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INPF Football (Soccer) League - Season 2 CHAMPION = CONTE DI CAVOUR

Käpt'n Korky

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The season slowly comes to an end. Most Belles are now done and the rest gets until June 30th.

Direct matches:
Houston 1-1 Wichita

INPF 1: Contes season is over and thus she comes to 32 regular matches, ending with a 12/12 matchday. Since she lost only one of her last 10 matches, she gets 2,7 points for her remaining 4 matches. Bringing her to a total of 103,2 points, thus basically winning the league! The next two finishing, exactly with 38 matches are Leni and Moskva. Both score 4 points in 2 matches and that's enough for Leni to overtake Chiyoda, who's done already.
With Algerie the first Belle who has a still ongoing season comes up. She has a bad run with only 2/12 points. Hopefully her remaining three matches will be better.
Of the US ladies, Lady Lex starts off with a very good 10/15 matchday, sjooting herself straight past Verdun, Algerie and Tenryuu, who she overtakes on match ratio.
Wichitas ladies only manage to score 2/12 points, enough for Augusta to pass by with 6/12, but not for Kumano who stays one point behind after also scoring 6/12 points.
The lower regions and the fight against relegation start with Arizona, who doesn't feel comfortable with this situation and shoots past Wichita with a nice 9/12 matchday. Her strongest so far. Kongous ladies also get her boiler going and she gets equal with Kumano, who now, despite her passable result is suddenly back in the midst of the relegation fight.
Now, who thought, Perth would be a hopeless case..... she goes beserk in her final run. For her final matchday she makes kickass 15/24 point booty. This earns her a nice 1,6 mod for her last 6 matches and brings her up to solid 46,2 points and maybe safety? Houston make a 4/12 matchday, but with only 12 matches at this point she can only hope for a few good matches to push her modificator. Same goes for SL City. Who gets only 3/12. But at least now both have the minimum of 10 matches each.

INPF 2: Kitakami scores 3 points on her last matchday, making her join the promotion squad as third. Aoba wins her last match and climbs past Pola and Scharnhorst. Saguenay makes 6 points in 5 matches, losing against Augusta among others, blowing her theoretical chance for promotion. She's now only in for the honour of climbing even higher. Also she's now the last active Belle of INPF 2.

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Finale, oho! I hope y'all had a very nice CANADA DAY! Because today the 2nd INPF season comes to a close.

Direct matches:
Wichita 0-1 Houston
Kumano 3
-2 Kongou

INPF 1: As first on foremost yankii Belle, Lady Lex starts the grand finale. She has 3 proper matches of which she manages to win two and fills her last square with a proper 2,2. This gets her to 67,2 points total and ahead on Moskva on 6th place. Algerié gets 4 points out of her last 3 matches and ends tied with Tenryuu.
And with all that done, we enter the lowest region of the table, where 7 teams total have no hope of properly ending this season and they all hope for a decent modificator to wreack some havoc.
Augusta ends weak. She only gets a 1,3 point mod for her last 3 matches and come to a total of 45,9points, just enoudh to secure a spot in front of Lady Hood.

Arizona has an average finish with 7/12 points. But she has 12 matches to fill. But she can fill each of it with 1,6 points. And that MAKES a difference. She also ends in front of Moskva, ever so slightly with 0,2 points ahead.

Wichita with 10 matches to go, she fills 4 of those under her own steam with a total blow. She ends with 0/12 points. This deals a hefty blow to her modifier. She only gets 0,3 points for the remaining 6 matches and only manages to scrape together 39,8 points total.

Kongou manages to actually lose on the last match day against her direct opponent Kumano. But with getting 7 points from the other three matches, her modifier cobbles together a very respectable 1,8 points for her remaining 11 matches and she even surpasses Tenryuu with 63,8 points total.

Kumano the Kongou slayerette herself starts her race from behind from the first of the dreaded relegation places. And aces the day! 9/9 points boosts her modificator to an impressive 2,4 and she has 11 matches as well to fill with it. This shoots her even past last seasons champion Leningrad!

Houston kicks Wichita in the bin and relies heavily on her modificator. But she had a fair run (6/9 this matchday, stealing 3 from Wichita) and she gets a fair average 1,5 points for a total of 23 matches each. This leaves her behind Kongou, but in front of even Tenryuu.

Salt Lake City from the depths of the last place and only 11 matches, one more than needed to not get auto-relegated prior to this matchday, SLC comes, plays and gets 4/9 points under her own steam. But this also means her modificator is 1,6. More than Houston. And she has even more matches to fill with it. So she safely arrives in front of Verdun, but her points gap to Houston was to great to close it with that little advantage.

But it also means: 
Champion is Conte di Cavour!

Relegated Belles are: Augusta, Hood - direct re-relegation- and Wichita


INPF 2: Only Saguenay was running here in solitude and she actually NEEDS a modifier for her last match. The only New World Belle with less than 3 matches this matchday. On her own she only scores 2/6 points getting her on par with Bearn. But counting in her modifier she ends up between Kaga and Gneisenau, deep in midfield.

Promotions go out to Exeter, Parishkaya Kommuna and Kitakami

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