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I have Mixed thoughts about a possible Inspiration for Zoe Melis


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So, in 2001 was published a book named "Secret in the Stones" (Tales of the Nine Charms #2) by Erica Farber and John R. Sansevere with a character named Zoe. Their Zoe was approximately the same age as Zoe Melis, also sought to be popular and wealthy, and found herself in a place where much magic was practised and many people were richer, more powerful, and more beautiful than she was. The two Zoes were both willing to ignore social norm associated with virtue in order to get ahead in life.


Their Zoe was also evil, working with evil beings in order to get what she wanted, interested in jewels, and willing to use mind-control in order to help her evil allies (these later three traits I associate with Zoe Melis's fellow Hedi student Sima Venesico).


I am aware that "Secret in the Stones" is a very obscure book, and I would be not surprized if I were to learn that Black Chicken Studios has never heard of it. But I find the similarities to be inspiring and depressing.


Inspiring because they have encouraged me to write Zoe Melis in a slightly darker, amoral light - as a character whose story could, in theory, lead her to making the sorts of deals which Zoe in "Secret in the Stones" made. I do not write Zoe Melis's lack of interest in serving gods as a manifestation of this amorality, though.


Depressing because "Secret in the Stones" came out in 2001 and ended with a cliff-hanger ending, and the series has yet to be completed - nor will it be, apparently. So, I hope that Academagia will not be similarly unfinished.

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