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Some interesting content this week, including a peek at the League side of things, and official support from our illustrious overlords for our little essay contest!

If you're not familiar with the essay contest, please see this thread: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/topic/4289-armistice-day-essay-contest-the-worst-commander-of-the-20th-century/

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More Orion is always welcome.  As for the essay contest, I eagerly wish to see who everyone will pick as their least favorite commanding officer.   Plus that winning prize really is something special... Not often any game provides an official special item to just one player, well earned though it is.

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2 hours ago, TwoHeavens said:

My bias towards Orion is well known I suspect.

I wouldn't have guessed. It's not like Orion herself has a cute pet name for you or talks about it in any regard. I'm surprised and caught completely off-guard.


Last time I only joked about the iOS problem, now I'm really annoyed especially since I have an Anti-Apple bias since the 90s (look, you were either Pc or Mac and I wanted power, not style). But from a business perspective and with the US being probably your primary market, I get why you have to be obsessed with it.

Is Orion Roman or something, that she uses "Greek"? And yeah, the Hellenic ones have gained my favour. Less nutty (see my Lebkuchen talk the other day). Sadly rare around here. Unlike the Turkic ones.

Woah, the first look is a captains genesis! Everyone man the stations, but casually. And with a good book or something else to keep you occupied, in case urgency levels drop next week again. 

I totally wanna know who gets chosen by Mahan as worst commander.

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