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KS Update 197: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!!


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2 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


I'm sure everyone can guess at least 1 that will be featured. :)

Actually...I'm not 100% sure how much I am allowed to say here about future Belles, *but*... expect that:

1) The monthly winners of the War will be very important

2) The Community will have a say

...and now, 'mum's the word. :)

Monthly winners huh?  We haven't had much info on the world War mechanic since the opening stages of the campaign.  Glad to see that it plays a big part in the future development of the game.  Deutschland über alles

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Seleukos Nikator;

For the Kickstarter Beta, you're in if you backed us either in the KS campaign or via PayPal.

For Open Beta, that will be anyone that wants to sign in. :)

The lottery was kind of a joke- don't know if you played Kancolle back in the day, but one did not simply login to Kancolle...you had to win a lottery first, to even play.


It's our pleasure, General!

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1 minute ago, lazarusdw said:

russian armour

To actually answer your question though, if you pay attention, you’ll see a relatively noticeable correlation between Belle HP and loaded tonnage, plus possibly a small modifier for armor.

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