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Reporting about Latest Sima-Focussed Playthrough


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So, I completed my latest playthrough of Academagia with a character from Morvidus College who, I hope, will be able to have very interesting experiences with Sima Venesico and the rest of the Triplets in future games. Between my goals for studying in this game (top marks in all courses) and taking 4 extracurricular forms of magic (gates, mastery, incantation, and enchantment), I was honestly prepared to only be able to complete the Triplets’ adventure in its least ambitious form and Sima’s Y1 adventure (getting Affection with her), but to my considerable pleasure, I was able to achieve not only these (and with the Triplets in a more ambitious form involving investigating the ruins) but also some other adventures: A Walk Along the Lake, the Wasting Sickness, Naming Beasts, A Day in Frontino, You’re Being Watched, Familiar Trouble, Studies in Hunger, The Edge of Nowhere, Rumors of Witches and Evil Intentions, Splash, The Shop, the Tuorial adventure, In Professor Storey’s Sight, The Much-Rumored Tower, What Happens When You Break Curfew, Magsa's got a new project, and the Platypus Familiar’s adventure.

Here are the statistics for my playthrough.




Fitness 9

Finesse 6

Charm 6

Strength 5

Intelligence 12

Insight 11

Luck 7

Skills >7


Astrology 12

Athletics 15

Befriend 8

Compete 10

Dialectic 11

Enchant 13

Forge 12

Gates 10

Grammar 14

History 11

Incantation 12

Mastery 10

Negation 14

Plot 10

Research 16

Revision 16

School Survival 10

Zoology 12

And here are my questions/suggestions.

      1. I hope that there can be content for a mastery-using PC and a dear friend or girlfriend Sima Venesico in future years, given her interest in mind control and other forbidden magic.

2. Simas Venesico is a very fun character to read about and write about. Consistency in her character is not great (most notably, is she a beauty-obsessed socialite, a hard-headed businessperson, or a bold explorer seeking forbidden magics), but given her mysteriousness and interest in acting, such inconsistencies are adding to her character’s appeal in a way that they do not with characters who are defined as lacking interest in acting and have less mysterious origins.

3. May I create a scene involving Sima for Y2 that would, in certain rare circumstances, grant a PC powerful advantages in studying glamour magics? It would basically be a book equivalent to the Contu School the using of which would always case stress and vitality drain (due to powerful fae magics, in-game). I I figure that if any student in Y1 were to both know how to get such an item and be willing to part with it, Sima Venesico would be that student (cf., the random event in which she gives away a powerful bracelet to the PC).

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