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Academagia is nearly gold!

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I just caught wind of this thanks to gamersgate! looks interesting! and I can't wait to see this game in action!


are there any plans for continuing updates of content (more random events for example) I'm not worried about running out at the start, I mean 800 is a lot! but a man can wonder :)

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Really like the idea and looking forward to it (~ Adventure/RPG/VisualNovel-mix) :rolleyes:


By the way: will you offer it directly too or just through portals like Gamersgate/Steam/Impulse/Greenhouse/Direct2Drive/Desura ? I know its mostly easier through these distributors, but I personally prefer getting games from the developers directly and suport them most :)


Furthermore you should contact the guys from Indiegames, RPG Watch & Rock Paper Shotgun - I am sure they would review it and write an article :D

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