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1) Have a look at this Guide

2) get the latest update and install it. You can find it here

3) Start a new game and enable the last DLC for it

4) Read the Introduction letter or our suggestions for a updated version here

5) Play your first game and try different things (including skipping class and such)

6) There are no given goals from the game it self except for managing to stay in the school for the complete year so you will set your own goals with the time what gives the game a great replay value.

7) If you want to know something more a view in the Wiki might help

8) In chase the wiki is not enough there is also the Gaming FAQ here in the forum

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Hi, and welcome.

I would say that the primary goal of the game is to have fun and explore the different possibilities.

It's kind of a school survival simulator, you can't really die (I think), I wonder what would happen if you fail your roll when using gates magic to get out of that collapsing cave temple. You get hurt maybe?


My first student ended up in the infirmary a lot. He wasn't even adventurus, but the atletics events wern't very healthy for him ;)


Then I made a student that mostly hanged out in coffes, taverns and dancing establishments an all kinds of similar hangouts.... most of the year.


Then I created some studious characters, studious and adveturous.


And so on.


Eventualy I had penned down formulas for creating the perfect supercharacters with powerful familiars that wern't really supported by year 1. Most of it's skills never got used, but I liked how good it made tve Wizard seem.

Being maxed out at pretty much everything and having established a great bond with your familiar and trained it.


The random events really helps at keeping things interesting, since you never know what popsup until it happens. It helps replayability.

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Welcome newcommers :)



-----and, yeah, DLC or Year 2 would a great X-mas pressent, thoguh Iguess Year 1 hasn't hit steam yet, so, that might be early?


But yeah, year 2 would be great :) Exploring more of the World and the families and all that other stuff. Will we be doing any other traveling besides visiting our family? Some people live in Mineta, I doubt they will be going for a long trip? Unless the family is going somewhere. Or do you Think we can go on excusions for a few Days to explore far off locations and meet friends etz?


Gates would certainly make it easier but we probably arn't that good at it atm.... That Shohanwitch gate token that takes you to gates school seems like it might be able to take you other places aswell.. maybe if you hitch a ride with a Gates school student? Holdhands and follow? Create friendship bonds with them and allow to teleport to each other when concent is given? "Incoming gate request" (faint blue or green etz glow... Perhaps colour coded for identity.


Also that spell you learn in the thunderbirds quest seems like an interesting way to communicate, even if there is a risk people will crack the encryption ;) Might not be the most common quest though seeing as it is a student adventure, but the range on that spell is impressive, you could probably use it in Another Adventure later when you need range.


That Thunderbirds Adventure with Little miss Huntress actualy provided some interesting longrange casting expertise for the player if that is stored in the "memory", if you picked the spell approach. The idea of Learning new magic was one of the deciding factors in picking it.

Maybe you could apply what you learned on some other spells aswell if you put some work into figuring it out. I'm sure a lot of the students in school will learn that eventually. Maybe not all but a lot of them. Some barely study magic at all. But atm, it seems like an early adaptors perk for a first year/second year.


It seems like those experiences should open up possibilities for future years, looking back on past experiences with magic etz.

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Hi! I was talking about gamebooks and someone mentioned Holdfast, it caught my interest since it is about dwarfs but you also wrote a very feminine visual novel. Then I picked Academagia in the end because i heard it has the most text.


I like preserving food, painting, hula hoops, but not at the same time. Not a big gamer.

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