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Name's frank, currently a 2nd year psychology student.


Gaming wise am a big fan of strategy, rpg and simulation games (paradox stuff, tropico, evil genius, jagged alliance 2, gal civ or sins depending on my mood to name just some games that has been on my playlist this past month). Academagia hits quite a few of those spots quite nicely and is one of those rare games i've wanted to replay just after finishing it (i'm actually on my 4th character now o0), love that I can role play different types of characters, the current one is a work shy but adventurous magician who has a social side and is a bit of an armchair strategist in his spare time. This translating in game to a character who likes to explore/go on adventures and gossip/befriend, has a penchant for some war skills and despite being talented at most spellcasting but especially negation, doesn't study enough (lvl2-3 by midterms, 5 by end of the year, also has 0 in library research) so gets average grades despite being extremely gifted in some domains. At least his clique is there to cheer him up ;)

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Hello. Most of what franky said about his gaming preferences applies to me, too! :wacko: After a few test runs, I've finally finished my first full run through Year 1, and have so many different characters to try on that I'm a bit indecisive to what will be my second full playthrough.


As a side note, is it just me reading too much in between the lines, or is the game full of references? My sprite familiar, when put through a rumble, asked herself if it was another ogre battle. Ogre Battle? And, then, there was that whole Ember Fox shenanigan. Just to mention two things I've noted during my first playthrough. :)

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Another old paper and pencil and text adventure player (TRS-80.) And since games led to my career in application development... good stuff.


Had the game for a week or so now. Not quite hitting the same space as My Pet Protector, Cute Knight, Life Quest, or My Life Story... But engaging enough for someone who used to spend hours and hours just making Champions characters.


Wish there some more gamish elements (e.g. Mid-Term summaries) to get a feel for progress or a non-paper way to track embarked upon adventures and skill holes/goals.





p.s. Some of the strongest/readable writing out there!

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I don't really give out my real name when I'm on the laptop (since my parents beat me with a paranoia stick since I began playing Neopets back when I was nine. Yeah). Anyway, nickname is Sue (short for something), but online I find myself going by Shaz. Eh, it doesn't matter. I discovered Academagia by chance, begged my parents to let me play (they of course hold the purse-strings in the house), begged them to let me continue playing, had some trouble with it and while trying to find out what's wrong I stumbled upon the forum. Stumbled everywhere else but this thread, which is why this isn't my first post on the forum.


Anyhow, I love RPGs. I love the text-based simulation. The possibilities are dizzying, and I find myself wishing I thought of all this first. :P While I cry whenever I can't save my game and end up losing all my progress, I'm not really discouraged since I get a different outcome every time. Which rocks (especially when I have a success on my random events)! But sucks as well since I haven't finished the game and keep on losing my characters! Eh, I'll get the next patch that comes out; hopefully it'll fix everything. :)

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Haha it's fine! Each time I start it always ends up with me unlocking some special ability sooner and learning more about the game, so it's more fun when I'm more familiar. Most RPGs have a specific ending, this one not so much, so the replay value is insane! :D


Anyway, I do hope to finish up a game eventually! :)

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I just realized that I -still- haven't formally introduced myself. I had thought about it (several times) whenever I read someone introducing themselves and found myself nodding. Yeah, that is my situation as well.


Right, well, *cough*


My name isn't Adrian (though it is a name I'm quite fond of - for whatever reason, as of yet I'm not quite sure), but Mikkel, usually someone beats me to that username though and I'm tired of having to shorten it or add numbers odd places and I never seem to remember the aliases anyway... Right moving on.


I study Japan at university, quite fond of japanese history in particular. The language.... not so much, but considering that it makes up the largest amount of my classes (by far!) I really should be getting a hand of it.


I've been playing computer since... well, as far as I recall really. At the offset I was fond of strategy, puzzle(ish) (Day of the Tentacle! yay). Around the age of... 10ish (sorry poor memory for dates and names) I began playing my first RPGs and they slowly took more and more of my gaming time. Went on to play Everquest (an MMORPG, for the young and innocent among us who don't know of it), when my server died (oh it lived on - in theory - just in constant decline) I switched to World of Warcraft, something I regret. I regret it not because that the game isn't wonderful (cause it is, in many ways better than EQ) but I found myself disliking most of the playerbase and from there left the MMORPG setting for good. (Not that I am not tempted, but remember kids, the only way to win in an MMORPG is to QUIT)


To say that I don't play computer games anymore would be a lie, but usually I find myself drifting a lot. Playing old games, a bit of a new, then something I shelved... Even Academagia, wonderful as it is, suffers the same fate as a long line of other remarkable games. What has kept me returning to Academagia is the forum and the world in which it is played.


As hobbies I find myself drawn to books, either reading, writing or translating in a few cases, naturally computer gaming is a hobby as well. Most of what I read is fiction, though the best fiction is what has been recorded as real history.


I could list a few of my good and bad traits, but as one greatly outweighs the other I'll spare myself the humiliation.

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Good afternoon everyone


I am Blacksheep, and I must say that I'm really enjoying how this game just sort of "develops" on it's own. How you can start off as playing the character one way, and try as you might, the character just seems to develope in ways you never expected. For example, my first play through I played a character I named Marcus Primus, I envisioned him as this shy, dark, loner sort of fellow, very talented in the magic arts, but weak and lacking in almost all other areas. Well, shortly after his first week in, he found himself befriended by a few pretty girls, and as result, ended up the stereo typical popular boy/jock who excelled at all things sports, protected the weaker kids from bullies, had a love for the outdoors, and who was...a mediocre study in the magic arts at best. Thats a brilliant game if you ask me. Even as I learn more about the game, the stats, the skills, and can "meta game", to create the characters I envision more acurately, I've yet to have one play through where -everything- works out like I envisioned. A wonderful effort on the part of the game creators.


In real life, I come from a rural / farming background, been playing games since I was a small child with my father (my first game was space invaders for the Atari). I'm in my early 30's now, male, engaged to a woman who is FAR to pretty for me, studied agriculture in college, and hope to establish a self sufficent farm one day. Other then that, not to much else to say, I'll leave it at that for now. Looking forward to year 2 already.



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I sent a browser bot to register me a little while ago, but didn't know about the CAPTCHA



I blame spam bot users for spoiling it for the rest of us botters :(.


Anyways, hello everyone, my names Xientie and I'm a member of the good natured, animal loving, nature nurturing Morvidus.


Been playing since the very first day of release (the 28th of January in The United Kingdom) and I love Academagia :lol:.


Of course there was a time when I first played Academagia and my opinion closely followed Mike Rose's opinion of the game.


To be fair it was my own fault, when I first played Academagia I skipped the manual and dived straight into the game :blink: and was immediately assaulted by a hundread different things.


The vast ocean of content quickly overwhelmed me and dragged me off into the horizon. Even the Character creation was heavily daunting for a fresh fish like myself.


Then there was the constant rush of random events with poor option choices and even poorer results, it was akin to an endless conga line of defeat and shame, resulting in an increase to both ingame stress and real life stress.


However, not a man to let himself be so easily defeated, I kept playing and re-playing Academagia until I gradually began to pick it up. I read the manual, glanced through the official wiki and low and behold I turned that losing streak right around B).


I am certainly glad I decided to stick it out with Academagia, because as I previously said, I love this game :wub:. It might not be everyone's game, but it is mine.


So a big thank you to the Developers for making an awesome game that forces the player to use their heads, instead of their brawn to win a game, it was most definatly a challenging and equally rewarding experiance.

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And a big thank you to you, Xientie, for playing! :)


Welcome to the forums!


Thank you :lol:.


You'll be seeing alot of me on the forums from this point onwards :P.


I'm not done with Adademagia just yet, no this is only the beginning, I want to play the second year, create my own thought provoking mods for the game and possibly even add something to the Academagia Wiki.


A bright future awaits within the halls of Academagia :lol:.

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Halloa, you lot. CommissarMega here, from sunny, Equatorial Malaysia. Just popped in to introduce myself, and to thank (and marvel, and wonder at) the devs for making the game. I didn't think I'd be so addicted, especially since some of my favourite games included the Call of Duty and Dawn of War series- not to mention that I got bored of Harry Potter by the fifth book, and haven't read Earthsea yet. I will admit, I was kinda leery of a game that didn't have MAH TREEDEE MOVAN PICTARS, but I guess fun's fun, wherever you find it.


Now to get Phillipe Marchant and his Hispanic Hussy to stop picking on me...

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I've been around for a while, and just now realized I never have posted an introduction. For how long I've been in the forum, I don't post all that much. You'll mainly just see me lurking in dark corners ;)


I've been gaming since I was a kid, although amusingly enough, the first computer games I can remember playing weren't meant for kids at all. They were Doom and 7th Guest. 7th Guest is a bit more obscure of a title these days, but was an adventure/puzzle game that I have very fond memories of; I remember thinking it was absolutely amazing due to actual video clips in parts of the game, heh. These days, I mainly stick with life simulations (when I can find them :P ), adventure games, and the occasional RPG.


Most of my spare time is spent reading, or playing computer games. I also do some table-top gaming, having just rejoined a group this past year, when I hadn't done it since high school. I'm finishing up my last year of college - at least the undergraduate portion - and am hoping to soon be moving on to graduate school for Anthropology.


I discovered the game back in August, and have been semi-obsessed with it since then. I have this thing about making lists and recording information...which is perfect for this game, and working on the wiki, hehe; I spent quite a bit of time on there. The depth of the world is pretty spectacular, and how the characters develop is something I just love. I can't wait to see where the game goes in the future.

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