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Might I suggest one Familar: Exotic option in which you pay 2 points and then can choose which exotic familiar you get?

Although simply restarting if you do not get the one you want, is still an option...


And yes, more negative choices please, they add spice.

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That actually got me thinking;


I have been playing Space Empire 5 today and they have a really interesting feature in the race creation;


Aside from things like lucky, you have unlucky. Strenght and weakness. Almost for every strong point they have a weakpoint. That is really not the interesting part though.


What is interesting is that while positive attributes cost you points, selected a weak point gains you a point.


Like a natural balance. Like if you select fragile/weak, you would probably be extra smart.



I thought this might be a a nice addition to an already great game.




And I have been thinking a step further; let's say each negative trait will take 2x as many steps/the effort to upgrade.


HOWEVER if you somehow manage to get it to level 10, to overcome your born weakness the reward would be greater then if a prodigy would reach it.




EDIT: I just discovered you already use such a system by adding the Black Sheep family life. My deepest apologies for wasting your time. The second suggestion still stands though.

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Amen to that. That does indeed sound like fun.


Quick question for you personally; I did send you a pm, but off course I was logged out when I tried to send it. Did login again, but I am not certain if my pm was actually send. Just wondering as sending it twice would be rude.

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Current amount of points allow to pick (generally) one option per screen, with 2 points left (caveat: that includes attributes screen) Most of screens have 3-5 different sub-groups to pick from so if the idea was to allow the player to pick something from (nearly) every sub-group then the amount of points feels low. If instead these bits are supposed to be something special and player is supposed to acquire only few of them, then it seems pretty right. But maybe some aspects should simply cost no points -- like what part of the world you come from, because everyone comes from somewhere, while others aspects like familiar or being born under omen are optional perks.


The only thing that threw me off personally was seeing the attributes of some of the NPC students. They're supposed to be the same year but while player is limited to 7-12 points theirs seem to be in 14-15 range with as much as 5-6 in single stat compared to player being limited to 3. Feels bit odd and it's made more acute by the attribute points eating into the perk points. Maybe if attributes used their own pool of points separate from perks, it'd fix the feeling of 'point crunch' people experience?

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Please resend it- I do not see anything new from you at all.




Each option was intended to feel special, and even the 'where are you from?' options were meant to express a degree of connection to those places that do not come from simply living there. Still, enough points to buy 1 option from each category might be worthwhile.

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I'm going to close this thread - since the growing number of questions/answers in this thread will make it difficult for people to quickly search/find answers (since there is so much paging). Please create a new thread for a new question and we will try our best to merge/condense similar questions into one thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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